I Am Not GAY Book

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I Am Not GAY


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Aiden·Warrent was the CEO of Warrent Group.He had everything and of course a sexy girlfriend. However, he found that he had no sex drive for his girlfriend. Not for one, for all his girlfriends. He never thought he was a gay until he met his sunshine boy Logan· Finn. But he clearly knew that he could never be gay. Logan·Finn was a sunshine boy just graduated from university and he always smiles. Logan found a job in Warrent Group and he became the secretary of the Group's CEO. For his surprise,this CEO was the guy who once saved him from a disgusting old man. More important was that he had a one-night stand with him. Logan pretended to be poor and needy in order to stay with Aiden. When will Aiden find out that Logan is the heir to the richest man?


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