I Am My Own Substitute Wife Book

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I Am My Own Substitute Wife

Three Parts Sweet

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A fire burned Wen Wan to death. Three years later, Jiang Niansheng appeared, wearing Wen Wan's face. Sheng Hanye, who failed to save Wen Wan, married Jiang Niansheng to make her Wen Wan's substitute. This was a turbulent contract marriage. He only married her for her face, and she only married him for his money. He was the aloof, domineering CEO; she was the obedient, passive contract wife. Everything changed when Jiang Niansheng realized she was indeed Wen Wan. Jiang Niansheng escaped from the marriage, determined to make Sheng Hanye pay for everything he had subjected her to during their marriage. Sheng Hanye, "Jiang Niansheng, you're mine. You've signed your autonomy away to me." Sheng Hanye, "Ah Sheng, can you forgive me? I am forever yours..."


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