65 Chapter 65

Late at night, the base is assigned to an officer.

After bathing, Kyle only leaned on the upper body of the lean abdominal muscles, leaned back against the bed, and closed his eyes in a semi-recumbent position.

He is not thinking about what is in life, but is entering the card space with his mind.

In the boundless white space, there is a big difference here compared with nearly two months ago.

All cards were previously doped together, and the hurricane was endlessly rotated into a ball.

After Kyle's finishing, the three types of cards, including capabilities, items, and creatures, are now divided into different card storage areas.

Besides the three major card areas, there are two other emergency card areas and material card areas.

Emergency card area. That is to say, some cards that need to be used directly in case of emergency, such as [dangerous dog], [energy laser gun], [emergency box], [blue eagle].

There is not even a capability card in the emergency card area, because the capability card tin is used directly as long as it exists in the card space. No need to be materialized and used like items and bio cards.

In the material card area, what it stores is some useless item card, which is the 'material' of the sacrifice card.

Kyle's mind is entering the card space, which is directed at the material card area.

After more than a month of plundering, most of the material cards recovered from several fallen German factory bases were stored in the material card area.

Nearly a hundred blue item cards, thousands of green item cards, and densely packed in the material card area, have a sense of accomplishment.

"The material card that has been stored for so long is also a time to crash into luck." Kyle took a deep breath and pressed his knees to draw the card.

Many of Germany's energy factories have completely fallen, and the decisive battle with Hung Hom is just a matter of time. Not that much significance to continue to save cards now.

Kyle counts the number of item cards in the material card area and quickly gets an accurate number.

Green Item Card: 1020.

Blue Item Card: 86.

The number of times of conversion to the sacrifice card, the green quality can just XXXXX card, the blue quality can only be 102 times.

"Then, let's start with the green quality." Kyle used his hand to directly select the 1020 green item card that was suspended in the material card area.

Successful selection, sacrifice card —

102 times to draw!

'Extracted successfully, congratulations on your acquisition of [plus life] × 11, [true two knife ** pass], [radio], [rabbit], [shark], [bronze sword], [Indian language proficiency]… '

The green new card, the green light that blooms makes Kyle look straight.

Soul, this is 102 even pumping! Dare to make a small blue card with a small probability!

Most of the 100 new cards are messy, useless cards. Except for some alternative technology items, they tin be thrown to Howard Research. The rest tin comes in handy.

"Give me 11 greens rare [plus life] card, this is good luck, or bad luck." Kyle pulled his lips.

[Additional Life]: Increase the user's natural lifespan for three years. Green Rare ability card.

Current status: Can be used by others.

Green's life card is obviously more effective than white, from three months to three years.

However, Kyle is now a super soldier's physique, aging and natural lifespan, which has been high to a certain extent, and the life card has little effect on his body.

"It is the ability card for this sacrifice, which tin be used by others. It is interesting." Kyle wonders that this life card does not mean much to him, but there is no limit to the value of ordinary people.

"Let's put it first, you tin use it later." Kyle retracted his thoughts, and his eyes fell on the only green rare card except [Life].

[True two knives]: Proficiency in the nearly perfect two-knife flow technique. Green Rare ability card.

"Reluctantly pass." Kyle shrugged helplessly. He did not pin his hopes on the green quality card.

The focus tonight is the next eight blue quality draws.

"Come on and off again, I tin't stand it anymore." Kyle took a deep breath and suppressed his feelings. He slowly selected ten blue item cards.

Sacrifice, draw!

'You sacrificed [Gemstone energy] × 10,'

'Extracted successfully, congratulations on getting [additional life]'

I rely on it, and it is another life card?

At the moment of hearing the card-sending message, Kyle almost blew his mouth. What kind of card is being used tonight? Is the card system afraid that he is too fast?

[Additional Life]: Increase the user's natural lifespan for thirty years. Blue Rare ability card.

Current status: Can be used by others.

Simple and rude, no negative effects, can directly enhance the ability card of 30 years of natural lifespan.

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"Thirty years?" Kyle was also surprised. I thought the rare blue [life] was only a decade. I didn't expect to add so much.

Going this way, only the otherwise die, I tin live to Earth and destroy.

Kyle smiled and continued the steps of offering a card.

Although lifespan is solid enough, please come to something more realistic!

In the shout of Kyle's voice, ten blue item cards disappeared again.

'Extracted successfully, congratulations on getting [submarine]'

Is this useful or useless?

Kyle looked a little sad, chose not to stop, continue to draw cards.

'Extracted successfully, congratulations on getting [camouflage voice changer]'

God, what do I want for this voice changer? Pump again!

'Extracted successfully, congratulations on getting [additional life]'

Very well, give me a lifespan tonight. Continue to smoke!

'Extracted successfully, congratulations on getting [Conan's glasses]'

Kyle was speechless for a whilst, and there was something wrong with it. Take another shot!

'Extracted successfully, congratulations on getting [仙豆]'

Fairy beans?

Kyle suddenly came to the spirit and quickly took over the newly drawn blue card.

[Xiandou]: The bean seed of the cat immortality tin be restored to the most Peak state of the body when it is taken, regardless of the injuries. Blue item card.

"This is not bad, something that tin saves lives." Kyle gave a smile and divided the "sweet beans" into the emergency card area.

It's not to be pumped tonight.

Kyle saw two blue-quality cards in the game and waved his hand to simply select the remaining twenty blue items.

'You sacrificed [Gemstone energy] × 20,'

At least, come back to the blue card of the skill class?

Kyle's idea has just started, and the two new cards that have been extracted gradually emerge from the card space.

One dark blue is translucent, and the other card is a purple that has never been seen! The dazzling rays of light from the two cards instantly become the focus of the card space.

'Extracted successfully, congratulations on your acquisition of [initial venom symbiosis], [super large ancient dragon turtle]',

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