1 Chapter 1

it was a normal day for me, riding my bike home from school, saying hi to my neighbor, ( Mr.sAndrews ) and just loving everything about my home. The nice smell of flowers in the air, my room, parents. just everything.

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a hour or two later after dinner my parents decided to go to the grocery store to buy some food. I of course was fine with that, I love being all by myself at home. watch as many movies as possible before they come home and make some homemade cookies for a movie snack.

my parents got there shoes and socks on then there jacket's. " we will be back by nine PM ok sweetie." said my mom.

"ok" I said not being happy that they were taking so long. "ok, but please be careful of the m...." replied my mom. I could not under stand why she said to be careful of somthing then covered her mouth. "weird." I thought " i..I mean, um that... uhhhh you, um that, uhhhh..." " she means to be safe, because there are some scary people out there." said my dad saving my mom from being exposed. " Well we have to go, bye." "bye."

I was very confused and concerned about what that was all about. I just let it sit in the back of my mind swirling all around my brain. why was she so nervous about whatever she stopped herself from saying. I got even more worried by the minute.

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