1 Chapter 1

It all started when I was seven.A robot shaped like my parents friend had walked up next to our house "Hey Brewer!" I instantly yelled at the top of my lungs, he instantly jerked his head around and his eyes and glowed red.Right then my parents new something was wrong they rushed me inside and shouted "lockdown!"Instantly the house doors locked and the windows did the same thing a iron gate went around the doors closing us in.My older brother Brennen grabbed my arm and we hid behind a table while Ashley and Lynlee went to my moms room to a box I had never seen before and put two wires together "portal activated" the house shook Brennen ran to mom and dads room coaxing me over all my family was In my mom and dads room "Elizabeth come over here please we need to go!"Brennen shouted across the room his brown hair was glistening in sweat.A banging on the door came again.Brewer looked in pointing a weird looking gun at the window I thought all of a sudden and the blinds closed, all of them. I ran over to the room just as Brewer got in.We got in and the house disappeared, we did to, to a place I'd never been before.

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