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"It is a pleasure meeting all of you. My name is Urien Gregorios, and I will be studying with you for the rest of this year. I might be inexperienced with things around here, but I hope to get along with all of my classmates," I introduced myself in front of the class for the second time since I have arrived in this world.

The students started bombarding me with many questions. Like how I am in the third year despite this being my first time learning in St. Freya. If I have some relation with Overseer Otto as I look like him and so on.

After answering the questions calmingly, I walked toward my seat. It is at the back of the classroom, so I might get away with napping in the class… I think?

It is already April, and a new school year has started. With the help of Theresa, I was put into the third year of the Captain course. There are three courses at Saint Freya academy.

First is the Valkyrie Course, which the academy is famous for. The second is the Captain course, in which the academy helps train the Captains of the battleships for Schicksal HQ. And the third one is the Desk Officer course, which is also one of the most important jobs.

The Valkyrie course only has girls in it. There are mixed genders in both Captain and Desk Officer courses. Mei and the girls will start attending the Valkyrie course this May. I was not allowed to meet with them as per the request of Theresa. Well, who am I to say no.

I was given a dorm room for myself since Theresa knew that I don't want to get my secrets out to strangers. My room is on the highest floor of the male dorm.

The classes… They are not bad per se. But like usual, they are boring. I guess classes will always be boring. I mean, I knew most of the subjects, and I was used to commanding other people in my previous life. So… yea, it is boring.

School ended at 4 in the evening, and I went back to the dorm alone like usual. "Welcome back, Master," I heard Luna greeting me as soon as I opened the door.

"I am back, Luna," I nodded and handed her my bag. Dammit, going to school is exhausting.

With the help of Theresa, again, I was able to call both Kyuushou and Luna to St. Freya academy. Surprisingly, they both have high Honkai resistance. Why did I call them here? Because I got a hunch that they knew about Honkai, and it was proven true when they admitted it.

Kyuushou will be joining the girls to attend St. Freya academy, but Luna was not interested in becoming a Valkyrie and continued to attend to me as my personal maid. Yes, having a maid in an all-male dorm is weird, but that was her choice.

*Ring!* *Ring!* *Ring!*

After having dinner, I heard my phone ringtone coming from my bedroom. I picked up my phone and looked at the caller ID. Oh, strange… Why would Bianka call me at this time?

"Hey, Bianka. How are you doing?" I asked with a slight smile on my face. Not gonna lie, it is pleasant to talk with her.

"Sorry, Urien! I won't be able to visit you this time too," I heard her voice coming from the other side. And the sound of someone barking out orders after orders in the background.

"Bianka…," I started. "Are you calling me during your mission?" I asked her a simple question.

"Ehehe," she sheepishly laughed. "I just wanted to let you know that I might need to cancel our appointment this week… again," she replied.

"Another mission?" I sighed.

"Yes, *Huff* another mission," I heard her smashing something from the other side.

"Wait… are you fighting the Honkai Beasts right now?" I asked, trying to make sure.

"*Huff!* Yes," She replied after smashing another Honkai Beast.

"I'll just… hang up now. Catch you later," I quickly hung up the phone. Even if she is the current strongest Valkyrie, it will become fatal if she lets her guard down.

After saying goodnight to Luna, I went to bed. My life in St. Freya… I don't think it might be as bad as I had thought.


Just like that, two months had passed. It is already June, and I was allowed to meet with the girls starting from the previous week. Other than that, my school life is still the same as always. All the boring classes made me nearly fall asleep in class.

Today is Saturday, and I was relaxing in my room. But I was disturbed by the call from Mei.

"Hello?" I answered.

"Urien? Thank god," Mei started. I got somewhat serious after hearing her worried tone.

"Mei? What happened?" I asked, preparing the Oath of Innocence.

"Principal Theresa… something happened to Principal Theresa," the other side shouted in a distress, making my blood almost freeze. Hell no, nobody is touching her on my watch.

"Where are you now, Mei?" I asked.

"We are in the medical bay," Mei replied. Not waiting for her to finish, I rushed out of my room and toward the place Mei mentioned.

"Room 84," I kept looking for the room and finally found it near the exit. I was lost in my thought very much that I didn't notice the purple blue-haired girl pass beside me.

"What happened to her?" I asked impatiently as soon as I slid open the door.

It was Bronya who answered me. "Principal Theresa was found in a state of coma in her room this morning," she answered while looking at her tablet. "Preliminary diagnosis by the Bronya concluded that the principal is unlikely to wake up any time soon," she continued. After that, she finally looked up from her tablet and stared directly into my eyes. "Suspected cause is the Stigma on her back," she explained.

"Stigma… that can't be good," I muttered while looking over Theresa. And… I am feeling some traces of the Herrscher coming from her.

"Stigma?" Mei tilts her head.

"Me! Me! I will answer that!" Kyuushou raised her hand, causing all of us to glance at her. "Ahem! They are the repositories for massive volumes of genomic data," she answered and seemed to be satisfied with her answer.

I can't help but sigh. Looking at Kiana, she didn't get what Kyuushou meant. But she is a baka tuna, so she won't get any of the things we are saying anyway.

"Da," Bronya nodded. "The Bronya detected abnormal spikes of dataflow volume from the Stigma on principal Theresa's back," she continued. Hearing her analysis, I turned Theresa's body around and met with something I hadn't expected.

"This is…," I can say that my eyes went wide after seeing the Stigma on her back. This is Yae's Stigma, Soul Whisperer! How come Theresa has this? I have seen MEI create this Stigma, and it will only pass down to the Yae family! But how?!

I was still lost in thought when Bronya was explaining. Wait… what did she bring out of her bag? Hearing that Mei would be going inside the Stigma space, I stopped her.

"No," I stared at the four girls. "I will be going. I have something I want to make sure," I added while putting on the HOMU-HOMU Virtual Reality Comm Link. "Kyuushou," I called out the Savior's name, earning a nod. She already knew what she needed to do even when I hadn't said anything.

"Captain, the Bronya will maintain contact with you via this terminal," Bronya said while touching her tablet. "Our top priority is to locate PrincipalTheresa's consciousness within the Stigma," she added.


I closed my eyes and when I opened back, I was already surrounded by the city covered in flame.

"This is…," I looked around in silence. Not far away from me, I saw someone lying on the floor. Pulling out my Oath of Innocence, I approached that person. Wait… the one lying on the floor is… Mother! I immediately rushed toward her.

Haha… Mother, someone I haven't seen for a year. I miss her so much. Seeing her in the photo and meeting her like this is different. I almost teared up.

"Otto?" Mother asked after seeing my figure.

"I'm not him, Mother," I gently kneeled down near her. She struggled to get up, but there was already a hole on the right side of her abdomen.

"Mother… I never thought that I would hear someone calling me that," she smiled weakly. "Take this," she gave me a crucifix pendant. "Please give it to a priestess with cherry-colored hair if you encounter her," she added while coughing blood.

"No… no, why won't you give it to her yourself?" I was still in denial. The first time seeing my Mother again after a year of not seeing her is when she is on her death's step. Even if I know this is just a simulation of the Stigma, this… what is this feeling? Why am I hating this feeling so much?

"I am already done for," she shook her head weakly. But her trembling hand reached out for my cheek. "So, this is what my son will look like if I get one in the future, huh?" she muttered.

"Ye… Yes! So, please don't die yet. I will find a way to heal you, so please don't die yet," My trembling hand grasped Kallen's hand. Some tears started to fall from my eyes unknown to me.

Kallen shook her head again, and there was no light in her eyes. She just traced her hand on my face and muttered. "You had grown up splendidly," she started. "Hehe…," she laughed weakly. "No matter what you do…," she sharply breathed in. "I will always be proud of you," she continued, her hand falling from my face as there is no more life left in her.

I am still holding her hand. What do you mean you will be proud of me?! You don't even know me! You didn't even doubt me for a second when I told you that I was your child. But… Why am I very happy to hear her say that to me?

She always said that to me when I was back at home. But… after coming to this world, I have made wrong choices. Like sacrificing the whole city for the sake of my friend. Was that why? Was that the reason why I felt relief after hearing her say that? Am I feeling guilty this whole time? Am I scared of being hated by Mother the whole time? Was that why I feel as if some of my burdens got lessened after hearing her say that?

"Don't worry, Mother," I took a glance at my Mother. "I will do my best to keep going forward," I lay her gently near the stone pillar. And without looking back, I walked away from her.

[Captain, This dataspace sector is collapsing! The Bronya will try to teleport you to the next sector!]

I heard the voice of Bronya coming from the comms. I then noticed that I arrived at a different place after blinking. I… had arrived on the stairs leading toward the shrine. So, I started climbing.

Wait… I can feel a large amount of Honkai Energy rising at an incredible rate. I can't keep waiting. I ran at my top speed, turning myself into a Herrscher. The Stigma space won't be able to handle more than 5 seconds of my power but that is more than enough.

I arrived just in time before the big fox blasted the fire at Theresa. I stood in front of her and used the 7th Herrscher's Ability to manipulate heat to divert the flames to the side.

"Who are you?!" I heard the voice of the fox screaming at me. I was stunned for a second after hearing her voice. It can't be… But I dismiss the idea of that. But I should at least try, right?

I said the same word I told to my brilliant ray of sunshine in my previous life. "Are you having fun, RIN?"


Author's Note;

Courses are just bullshit I added for story purposes. But I mean, Hyperion and Helios aren't the only ships that belong to St. Freya, right?

At first, I thought it was hard to write the chapter as I would be writing another school arc. But guess what?! We have a thing called 'timeskip'!

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