117 Such Professionalism, Much Wow

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Inside the Principal office of St. Freya Academy,

"How is the boy," Theresa asked the woman in front of her.

"He's doing fine. He has been unconscious for nearly a week, but his body is still as healthy as always," Himeko replied. "Here, this is the report you asked for," the fiery red hair woman handed over a file and put it on Theresa's table.

"So… how do you feel? Suddenly getting a hug out of nowhere by a young man," Theresa teased the woman.

"I might be happy if he didn't mistake me for someone else," Himeko sighed. Of course, the woman knew he didn't. He clearly said her name, but she had a hunch that he did not direct that to her. "Then who?" she thought. Who would have the same name as her and also look like her?

"Did the girls pass the exam?" Theresa asked hopefully. Even if she is a Principal, she can't let them get into the school without making them take the same exam as others.

"They passed. Raiden Mei might need a little work, but she is new to this. Bronya Zaychik scored a perfect score. As for Kiana Kaslana… I can feel a headache coming," Himeko sighed after thinking back when the girl took the test.

"Hmm? What did she do?" Theresa asked worriedly.

"As you told me to, I gave them a day to rest and another day to study materials needed for the exam," Himeko started. "Bronya Zaychik got perfect in both writing and combat exams. Raiden Mei got a decent score in the writing exam but needs a little more training for combat. As for Kiana Kaslana… She did great in combat but got zero at the writing test," she added with a sigh.

"She can't be that bad, right?" Theresa sweatdropped.

"No, she is that bad," Himeko deadpanned at her.

"So… she didn't pass the exam?"

"I didn't say that," Himeko replied. "Even when the girl got zero in her writing exam, her scores in the combat exam can carry her to attend St. Freya academy," she added.

"Thank goodness," Only then did Theresa sigh in relief.

"So, what do we do about the boy?" Himeko asked the little girl in front of her.

"I don't know," she replied. "But Grandpa seems to be interested in him. He even told me to place the boy in St. Freya," she added, pinching the bridge of her nose. "Nothing good comes if he gets interested in someone," she adds.

"Well, they do look the same," Himeko chuckled.

"What?" Theresa tilts her head.

"Yeah, I almost thought he was the Overseer when I first saw him," Himeko said after thinking for a while.

"Wait!" Theresa immediately opened the file to read the content within it. But before she could do that, a knock came from the door.

*Knock!* *Knock!* *Knock!*

"Madam Theresa, this is Hyperion Executive Officer Sophia Rules. I have brought Mister Urien Gregorios with me," came the voice on the other side.

Theresa immediately closed the files and put them back into the drawer. "Come in," she shouted after making herself presentable.

The door opened, and a boy at the age of 16 came into the room. A girl with glasses behind him bowed toward Theresa and Himeko, then closed the door leaving the three in the room.

Theresa's breath hitched as soon as she saw him. He is almost a carbon copy of her grandfather. The way he looks, the way he tied his hair, and the way he moves, all remind her of her grandfather.

"Just who is this boy?" she thought. "There is no record of him before May. It was as if he suddenly appeared in this world," she added.

The boy looked at the women in the room and bowed with proper etiquette like a noble. "It is a pleasure to meet you, Madam Theresa and Madam Himeko. My name is Urien Gregorios," he greeted them. He acts nothing like a week ago. There is no trace of panic nor sorrow on his face.


With Urien, an hour before he came into this room, 1st POV

I opened my eyes and looked around my surroundings. It seems like I am currently inside some kind of medical room.

Thinking back to when I was on the bridge, I almost wanted to bang my head to the wall and make it forget. She is going to think I am some kind of weirdo! Such a way to make the first impression.

My mind went overloaded with many emotions, and the brain almost stopped working because of that. Was I still feeling bad for killing her? Well, of course. It was one of my biggest regrets… no, it was my biggest regret up till now.

"How long have I been unconscious?" I muttered. Since I am not on the battleship, I can assume that I am now at St. Freya academy. So, at least 3 days have already passed.

I wonder if they passed the exam. Principal Theresa did say that she would allow them to rest a day and study for exams for another day. And her family name… "Apocalypse," I muttered. The same as my Father's. Is she somehow related to my father? I guess I need to find out about that myself.

And Himeko… That was a surprise. I didn't know there would be another version of her here. "Snap out of it, Urien. This is not your Himeko. She is dead. You kill her yourself," I slapped both of my cheeks.

I thought I had accepted the fact that even if the appearances are the same, they are different people. I thought I made it clear with both Okaa-sama and Mei. But… I think the scar left by Himeko is deeper than I thought. To the fact that even I, someone who had lost many of his comrades, started panicking and fell unconscious.

I looked at the clock beside me, and it was already 10 in the morning… I could use a bath right now. I stink of sweat since I haven't showered for over 3 days. Good thing there are no weird pipes connected to me.

The door opened, and a nurse came in just about when I was about to get up from the bed. From her, I got to know that I was, in fact, unconscious for a week. She went to go and get the officer while I went into the toilet because nature called. I also washed my face in the bathroom just in case.

After a while, a woman came inside the room. She has short hair and wears glasses. "It is a pleasure to meet you, Mister Urien Gregorios. My name is Sophia Rules. I am an Executive Officer of a battleship that carried you and your friends," she introduced herself. She is staring at me strangely. It was because of that time, right?

"Nice to meet you too, Miss Rules. As you have already known, my name is Urien Gregorios," I greeted her back.

"Now, if you please, I will show you the room you will be staying in for a while," she nodded at me and turned around to show me the way. Heh… she is that no BS type, huh?

I was shown my room, and according to her, I was to go and meet the Principal after waking up. She also told me that she would be coming back for me in 30 minutes.

Looking around the room, I noticed that nobody had touched my stuff. Good. I nodded while watching the double bed.

I went inside the bathroom and took the most relaxing bath in my life. I dipped myself in the hot tub and took my time there.

After spending about 25 minutes in the bathroom, I walked out refreshed. It was awesome. I should tell my Father to build something like this when I get back home. After wearing my usual outfit, I waited for the woman to come and pick me up.

*Knock!* *Knock!* *Knock!*

"This is Sophia Rules. I have come to pick you up," I heard another voice coming from the other side of the door. I turned to look at the clock, and holy hell, she came here sharp at 30 minutes. Such professionalism, much wow.

I walked up and opened the door. Of course, not without taking my "Oath of Innocence" with me. I was led toward a bigger room. Miss Rules knocked on the door exactly three times. "Madam Theresa, this is Hyperion Executive Officer Sophia Rules. I have brought Mister Urien Gregorios with me," announced.

I heard some kind of paper ruffling coming from inside. Was the Principal reading something? After a while, I heard, "Come in!" from the other side.

Miss Rules opened the door and gestured to me to go inside to which, I did. As I walked inside the room, I saw another person aside from the Principal? sitting at the table. Wait… the Principal is a child? Will the academy be okay with someone like that? And I can see a manga poking out from under the table.

The other person is someone I don't want to see the most right now. That's right, it was Himeko. I don't know how to face her right now. She is… just there. It is too hard for me to treat her like someone else.

HIMEKO was someone important to me. Well, MEI too but not as important as her. SAKURA was someone I used to fill up the void left behind by HIMEKO. I didn't love her, and I am sure she knew that as well. Even then, she stayed with me until the very end. It was already too late when I realized my mistakes. She was already dead, right in front of me. I couldn't even bury her at our home where sakura trees blossom.

Looking at Himeko in front of me, I don't know what to do. So, I will do exactly what I did to Mei. That is ignoring her as much as I can.

I bowed like my Father taught me to. I put my right hand over my heart and gave a bow around 15 degrees. "It is a pleasure to meet you, Madam Theresa and Madam Himeko. My name is Urien Gregorios," I greeted them with a smile befitting an Apocalypse family heir.


Author's Note;

The name of XO from Escape from Nagazora manga was not mentioned, so I made up my own. This chapter is just me writing one scene from two different perspectives. One is from St. Freya's, and the other is from Urien's.

Not knowing how to act around Himeko, Urien did the only thing he was good at, ignoring her until he knew how to act around the woman.

This is the 5th chapter and the final chapter of this week. We'll meet again next week. Bye!

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