21 Prologue

It has already been 4 years since I've remembered my past life and I am 9 years old now. What am I doing now? Well…

"Put your hands up and take out all the money you own!"

Yea, I am currently robbing the bandits. During past years, r̶o̶b̶b̶i̶n̶g̶ dealing with bandits had become something I do just to pass time. I get my fun and get loots from them. See? It's two birds with one stone situation.

"Hah? Who is this kid?"

"White hair and purple eyes… Boss! This kid is from Gregorios!"

"What?! Idiot! Why didn't you tell me sooner!"

"What do you want to us do now, boss?"

"Run! Dammit! Run for your life! Superior numbers won't work on him!"

I was just standing there watching their talk. This kind of thing became normal after I returned from the ruin. They tried to run away as soon as they saw me. And today as well, the bandits tried to run away after realizing that I am from Gregorios.

"Do you really think that I will let you run away?"

There are 15 of them in this group. Of course, it didn't take much to kill all of them. I am doing this because I don't need scum like them in my Evil Empire. After meeting many bandits, they have many in common. One of them is r*ping. Well, you can see when I see someone do r*pe.

I signaled the knights staying behind the trees to come and check the kidnapped victims. With this, my job here is done. I left them to do their job and came back to my mansion. I don't need to worry about them stealing all the loots. What's theirs is mine and what's mine is also mine. Gurguit made sure to drill that into their heads.

With me going full-on crusade against the bandits, there aren't many other bandits in my territory. Or rather, they are too scared to stay. Some of the bandits left are those who are too lazy to look for a new hunting ground.

After taking a break and having a bath, I am now sitting on my chair in the office. Both Gurguit and Luna are in the room. My dear old butler Keith is looking after the garden in his free time. He said it makes him relax when looking at the flowers. He was here since the time of my grandfather. And I think he needs some rest, so I am giving him the park in the middle of the town as a present. I even named that park Keith's Park. I am generous to my subordinates, right?

Now back to business, I am looking at the map with a deadpan look on my face.

"Gurguit, please tell me. Is it me or my territory seem larger?" This question is not the first time I've asked him.

Flashback to 7 years old Urien,

"Gurguit, please tell me. Is it me or my territory seem larger?" I asked Gurguit as I am looking at the map.

"No, my lord. It is just your imagination."

"If I remember correctly, my territory is behind this mountain. And what I am seeing now is my territory had passed it."

"No, my lord. It is just that you remembered wrong."

"Is that so? It must be my mistake then." I might remember wrong. Well, the one who takes care of those things is Gurguit. Maybe he is right.

Flashback to 8 years old Urien,

"Gurguit, please tell me. Is it me or my territory seem larger?" This is the second time I've asked this question Gurguit since I've summoned him.

"No, my lord. It is just your imagination."

"Then tell me why is this town is in my territory? If I remember correctly, my territory is just past the mountain."

"About that my lord, the lord of the territory said that he can't handle the stress of ruling over many towns and thus gave us this town," he replied coolly.

"Is that so? Why didn't he tell me directly?"

"You were going out to hunt the bandits all the time, my lord. I even added the report for you to sign."

The report? I didn't remember having it. Oh right. I remember having one while I was having asleep. He came to me urgently and made me sign it. But I remembered the report has the word 'surrender' on it. But it might just be my imagination.

"Thank you for informing me, then."

"My pleasure, my lord."

And now back to the present, this is the third time I am asking Gurguit this question.

"Gurguit, please tell me. Is it me or my territory seem larger?"

"No, my lord. It is just your imagination."

"Then tell me why all the territory of that lord who gave me his town is in my territory?"

"Well, about that, my lord… He said he wanted to take a break from being a noble and wanted to become a merchant but he didn't have an heir. So, he gives out his territory to a random lord of the neighboring border. And he chose you, my lord."

Gurguit's POV and flashback,

"Why are you trying to make things hard for me! Ever since you guys had started invading, all of the merchants avoid making deals with my territory!" The fat man is ranting in front of me. His figure is strangely familiar to the one who would try to humiliate me just to feel himself superior when I was in my gloomy days. Both of them are aristocrats. And most of the aristocrats I've seen here in this world are fat aside from my lord.

"Well, I had decided to invade the random territory of the neighboring border. And congratulation, you have been chosen," I said. After all, my lord's territory should become larger for the sake of lesser slavery.

"What! With just that reason?"

"Now, you will sign this contract. This contract contains that you are willingly giving out this territory to my lord," I gave him the file.

"I don't have much choice, aren't I?" He looks around the territory of his. There aren't many causalities on his side but all of the soldiers refused to fight for him. It was because they had already decided to fight for me and my lord. It wasn't that hard to get them on my side. I just need to recruit them the old usual way. And the citizen of this territory won't be an issue either. They are already unsatisfied with this lord being a tyrant.

"Yes, you don't." After checking the document, I gave it to the person beside me.

"Show this to my lord and have him sign this document."

Now, back to our MC's POV

"Why wasn't I informed?" This time it is ridiculous to not know something like this.

"Didn't you sign the file that Catillus gave you, my lord?" Hmm? Catillus?

"Now that I think about it, he might have given me one last month. And I signed that without looking because I was busy with the construction of Keith's Park."

"That file was the agreement that you will take the territory from that lord. So, by signing that, you had already owned that territory."

"Well, I must say Catillus had done his job as a Foreign Diplomat well. He is very efficient if I say so myself," I told Gurguit.

"As his captain, I am glad that you are fond of his service, my lord," he said with a proud face.

Yes, Gurguit is the captain of Catillus. Meaning, Catillus is one of the <Knights of Sun> I got from the troop summon. Now that I think about it, I should make time to summon all of them at once. But there's a dragon in the troop. I must find a good reason if I want to summon them too. And I need to find a new commander for the troop of the territory if Gurguit were to take command of his troop. He might not be able to take two posts at once.

"Well, how was the construction of the hospital going?" I asked Luna.

"It is going well, Master. It will be finished in two weeks. But people are questioning if we really need a hospital when we can use healing magic. Most of those people are from the church," she replied.

"Hah… What am I going to do with those guys? Should I just destroy them?"

"I would advise against that, Master," Luna denied my idea.

"I also think that is not a good idea, my lord." Gurguit too.

"Fine. But tell them not to question my way of ruling my territory. Tell them to get lost from here if they don't like it. And I need to summon <Nightingale> too. I've been keeping her in my <Inventory> for four years already."

{System, use my remaining <Random Skill Ticket> and summon <Nightingale>}

[You got <Blank> from <Random Skill Ticket>]

{Wait, <Blank>?}


[Knowledge is power and if your opponent knows about you will have advantages over you. But with this skill, nobody will able to see you with clairvoyants and even danger senses cannot warn their users of an incoming attack from you. Your future and past cannot be observed with divination.]

{Wow, that is one hell of skill.}

[Initiating summoning sequence.]

The light shone and there is a woman who has long braided silver pink hair and red eyes. She wears a red coat and a black skirt with red trim, with white boots and gloves.

"Please be at ease, now that I have come. Let us save all lives, without fail. Even if all lives will have to be sacrificed," she said.

"No, please don't kill people just to save them," I am having a headache just from her first line.

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