65 Epilogue

In the galaxy far, far away, inside the castle, an old man is sitting on the throne. If one were to look closely, it was the same man that gave our beloved MC the System in a form of a ball of light.

"So… you want me to send him to your world during his next <Multiverse Travel>?" the old man asked the woman standing in front of him. The woman does not have any distinct features. Her whole body is glowing white.


"I see. But why should I agree to that?"


"Abuse him mentally, eh?" the old man lost in thought while rubbing his chin.


"Hmm… you had won over me with your idea. Well, he is unfit to be my successor if he cannot handle this level of mental torture," the old man nods his head.

Then suddenly, the pressure descends upon the hall room, "But if you or any of your minion kill him, I will make sure to erase the whole universe of yours from existence," he glares at the woman who is trying her best to stand up straight.


"I am sorry for intimidating you like this. I am just worried about him getting himself killed. This life is the start of his test, you see? A father can worry about his only son after all," the old man smiles gently.


"I know, I know. I could just save his soul, but it does not work like that. I believe you also know how things work."


"You can take your leave now. I promise to send him to your world," the old man gently waves his hand, and a door appears near the woman. She gives him a curt bow and leaves through the door back to her universe.

Now, inside the throne room, only the old man is left. He stands up gently and walks through the corridor and toward the theater room. Inside the room are two females sitting on the couch and eating popcorn while watching something on the screen.

"Welcome back, dear. How was the meeting?" the older one of the females asks. She looks in her mid-thirties with platinum hair running down from her head.

"Nothing much. Just some old men shouting at each other for no reason," the old man replied. But his figure changes into the man in his forties.

"But you all still care about each other even then, isn't it?" the woman smiles. She knew how much the people inside the Multiverse love their king. He too had gone on an adventure just like her son is doing now.

"Can't you two stay quiet? I am watching my brother's adventure," the little girl in her pre-teen shouted to her parents with a pout on her face.

"Ha! Ha! Ha! I am sorry, kiddo. So, what is he doing now?" the man sits beside his daughter while laughing.

"He just killed that lizard with a gun!" the girl shouted excitedly.

"Hmm? Sweetie, can I rewind it for a little bit?"

"Sure!" the little proceed to rewind to the time before her brother kills the lizard.

On the screen, it shows Urien dropping the Blaster Rifle and accidentally shooting down the lizard from the sky.


The man's hand meets his forehead. "You can continue watching it live, sweetie," the man told his daughter weakly.

"Even I was not an idiot like him back in my days!" he shouted after seeing Urien forgetting to use his Stand while fighting with the giant lizard.

"You were worse than him, dear. You were a harem protagonist when it comes to women," the woman said from the side.

"Of course, with my face and skills I –," while he was boasting, he was cut off by his wife.

"What I mean is you were so dense with women," the woman told her husband.

"That was…"

"Yes, you were young at that time. If not for me confessing you first, I am sure you will stay act shyly around me," she glares at her husband.

"But I must admit, our son had become a womanizer. By the way, I call dibs for that princess for the main wife," she then glances her eyes back onto the screen.

"You can't do that dear. It is up to him to choose who to be the main wife," he replies his wife while staffing popcorns into his mouth.

"Both of you shut up and let's keep watching," the young girl shouted but the two adults just laugh and hug their youngest child while continue to watch their eldest child's adventures.


"Why would the girl from the hero's party appear there?" Yubel thought while sitting inside the carriage on her way back.

"Was it because Urien never left for an adventure and continue to stay as the count?" she is lost in her thought.

She is panicking now. If she were to stumble upon AU, how much of her future knowledge will be useful to her? She needs to make new plans again. Just when she thought she will be free from her doom flag, a new flag appears.

"Now, let's review the game. The first part is a normal Otome Game in the high school setting. The second part is a typical JRPG themed fight against the Demon territory. The third is against the Holy Nation Ethel. The fourth is against the alien invasion. And like a typical JRPG, the aliens somehow use magic and swords instead of the Mecha Robots. I forgot the later parts. I need to read the book again to remember," she mumbles.

"AHHH! I will just sleep and continue the thinking when I wake up," she then proceeds to sleep on the carriage.


As for Noir,



Let's leave that dude alone and let us focus on the new girl.

"Urien was a noble but in this life, he doesn't stop being one," the girl thought.

She is wearing knight armor given to her by Lady Macha. "And how come I had never heard about her in my previous life? Someone as good as her should not be unheard of in the war," she is lost in her thought.

She had asked her friend, even if he does not remember her, to make her a knight.

"Master, can I become a knight instead of a maid?" It was weird to call your friend as a Master, but she does not mind. If he is still the same Urien she knows, her sister will be safe with him.

"Hmm? It was a weird request but sure you can. I'll let Macha know about it," he nodded at her request.

She walks toward her sister's room. She wanted to know how her sister was doing while she is training to become a knight.

On her way, she saw another person she knew from her previous life. It was Yumil and the girl is working as a maid in this mansion.

In her previous life, the girl travels across the land, accompany them on their journey. And moreover, she was the fiancé of the hero, Bright Covan.

"Hello," she made herself known first.

"You are… Miss Nerezza," the girl acknowledges her and replied with a bright smile.

"Do you need something?" the maid tilts her head.

"No, I just want to ask how you come to work in this mansion. That is all," she tried asking the question. If she was the same Yumil she knew, the girl will answer the question without any doubt. She was that pure.

"Oh! I was recruited by Miss Yubel to work in this mansion. She heard the rumors about me and offered me the job. And Master Urien accepted me without any problems. Why do you ask?"

"Nothing. I just wanted to know about you," the knight replied the question and quickly walks toward her sister.

But the knight never knew was the shadows under her were acting strange when she asked Yumil the question. The shadow will start doing their job when she asks another question.

On her way to her sister's room, "Does that mean Yubel knew something about the future or is it all because Urien continues to stay as a noble? I think it is because of the latter," she thought while dismissing the thought as she arrived at her sister's room.

"My second try of life became weird after that explosion sound," it was her thought before going inside the room.


"Achoo. I think someone is thinking about me," at that time, the main culprit of that bombing incident is printing out the photo.

"Well, what do you know? This photo came out nicely," he looks at his photo. In the photo, there is an explosion of the main gate of the Oak family. And overlapping that explosion is the smirk expressions of Macha, Luna, and Keith looking at the explosion.

"This is the best photo I've caught in this world," he continues to look at the photo. Then, he walks toward his room to have a rest.


Urien POV

{What do you mean the world I am going to next year is already decided?}

[That is exactly as you heard, host. We had already decided it beforehand instead of leaving it to the gacha]

{Then tell me which world I am going to?}

[Honkai Impact the 3rd]

{Are you shitting me?}

[No, host]

{Hah… okay then. System, use one <Random Character Summoning Ticket>}

[Congratulation, host. You got < Goddess Rhongomyniad> from <Random Character Summoning Ticket>]

I stare at the gacha reward in front of me. I do not mind if this version is the one after getting her Excalibur back. I mean, her humanity is restored when Excalibur was returned to her. But that would also mean that she had severed her link with the lance, and I am not taking any risks.

So, as all normal sane men would do, I quietly add her into my <Inventory>.



[The summon is trying to summon herself into this world]

Wait, what?!

[Sealing her divinity as per agreement with the World Will]

[Initiating summoning sequence]

The light shone across the room and standing there is a woman with a lion-shaped helmet with a white mane on it. She has impressive armor and a large cape covering her.

The woman in front of me takes off her helmet and I was greeted by the sight of absolute beauty. I am glad that I am not hit by puberty yet. Or I would be awed by her beauty.

Her eyes are still closed while saying her usual line, "I respond to your summons. I am your Servant and I ask thee. Are you fit to be my Master?"

She opens her eyes and looks in front of her. Not seeing anyone in her line of sight, she looks down only to see me. Wait… why are her eyes going heart shape? Don't tell me…

"Call me Mommy," her armor disappears into a mote of light particles and she hugs me and sends my face into her large breast.

What the fuck is wrong with this summon! The goddess is acting out of character!


3rd POV


"Are you okay, Azalia?" her friend asked her while sitting around the fire camp.

"I am fine Novell. I don't know why but I suddenly got chills," the princess replied her party member.

The two of them formed a part started going on the quests in the last two months and they are now in the middle of the forest near the dungeon.

"You must look at this, Azalia. Isn't this place the border of your country?" Novell showed her the newspaper.

"Show me," she quickly reached for the newspaper. After reading the content of it, she laughed aloud. Which startled her new friend. For her friend, she is a cold beauty, a person who never laughs other than smiling occasionally.

"Are you alright, Azalia? Do you want to go to the church for a checkup?"

"I am fine, Novell. I am just happy about my fiancé," she replied.

"You have a fiancé?!" Her friend shouted from the side, with a surprised face.

"Oh, yea… I haven't told you about him, didn't I?"

"You had never told me about that before. But before that, why did you laugh like that?"

"Well… he just killed a dragon, and I am happy for him. That means, he got stronger than before. Even more reason for me to train harder to stand beside him," Azalia said while clenching her fist.

She wants to stand beside him. But she won't be able to stand beside him if she just sits there and does nothing but whining.

"Novell, I am going to the dungeon from the Elven country, Avalon. Are you coming with me?" she asked her friend.

"Of course! Everywhere you go seems fun. Count me in! But tell me about your fiancé first," she asked Azalia about her fiancé. Poor Novell, she did not know that she dug her own grave there. Azalia will not stop talking about her fiancé starting that moment.


Inside the cell made for the slaves,

"I see, tomorrow will be my debut in the Colosseum," a girl in her late teens muttered while lying on the floor and holding one knee up.

And the moonlight from the outside shone on her. Showing her star-shaped birthmark on the shoulder.

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