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I AM ALL YOURS, MY PRINCE There lived a royal family the highness (king Rhamous) and his highness ( Queen Elizabeth). They gave birth to 3 children. The three princes, Prince Alfred (oldest), Prince Mitchell (second), and Prince Jerry( last-child). The first two princes are married to a beautiful princess and the third prince jerry is left unmarried and is on the journey of finding his heartthrob and soul mate due to pressure from his mother he is now more determined to find his soulmate but he is being careful because his heart was broken once before and since then his heart has stayed locked but he hopes to me the woman who will change his entire world soon but his mother still insists on holding a cooking competition for maidens in town and she will only stop her plan if he brings his fiance to her 3 days before the arranged date for the cooking competition. Samirah is a young beautiful kind-hearted lady her father abadoned her and her mother for another woman when she was 4 years old and until now that she is 23 she has not set her eyes on her father ever since that day she felt nothing but hatread for him he could have another wife but he could have also stayed with them her mother begged him so much not to leave for her daughter's sake she would get on her knees in the morning, afternoon and night begging him not to leave them for my sake because she did not want her daughter to grow up without the love and affection of a father because she knows how much it meant to her daughter and she as her mother did not have enough time with her father because he passed away early, samirah would do anything for her father she would do anything just to see a smile on his face but when he left her heart was broken until now they don't know his whereabouts but they were sure that he his still living on this earth. Simirah heart was cold towards him and she does not know if she will be able to forgive him ever again and as if it was not enough her father also left them with debts to pay before he traveled with his new family she and her mother were humilited by so many people and until now they are yet to finish paying the debt, her and her mother struggles to eat 3 square meals a day but fortunately her mother was able to get a job at the palace and she heard of the competition and urge her daughter to go since she has a special talent and passion for cooking.