I am a TrilionaireI am a Trilionaire

I am a Trilionaire

by RenShiYuan

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He is not someone who relies on faces to make money, his eyes shock the world! In 1984, he invested in the founding of Cisco, and in the following years, he succeeded in creating Netscape, Amazon, Yahoo ... even Google, ICQ. He is the ruler behind the scenes, he has a wealth of hundreds of billions, and he is known as an Internet emperor! He began the era of rapid Internet development, and he monopolized half of the US Internet backbone network. YouTube and Facebook are also products! In 1995, Apple surrendered! In 2000, Hollywood surrendered! However, the story isn't over! In the future, legends will still shine. So who is he? King of Silicon Valley, a man who is one hundred times richer than Bill Gates! Cover Novel by : MimicReads. I use translate goggle and if there are words that cannot be understood please forgive, if you want to see the original language version just click on my profile or search 'I Am a Trilionaire' make ' ' because I made this novel using Indonesian language.

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