7 Ch 7 : Seth's future path

I am a rich second generation in One Piece Ch 7

Based on their previous agreement, it should only be a normal dinner. But why it suddenly turned into a date, Robin herself didn't know. However, it seemed that she didn't reject this date.

But when Robin entered a crowded place, she suddenly felt nervous. Cold sweats began to run through her forehead as if she was afraid of being discovered. Obviously, this didn't escape Seth's observation.

He saw his date partner a bit weird and immediately made a countermeasure.

With a swift motion, he took off the jacket that covered his body and placed it on Robin.

" ??? "

" Hehe, wouldn't it feel like we are going on a secret date? It felt a lot more exhilarating, isn't it?" Seth gave his most charming smile.

Looking at this charming smile, Robin felt a lot better. Her body relaxed a bit; It seemed Seth's move had fully displayed its miraculous effect. However, Seth wasn't done yet.

Taking advantage of the nice situation, he went closer to Robin's ear and whispered:

" Don't worry. As long as I am here, you will be safe. I won't let anything come to harm you."

" !!!"

Hearing these words from Seth, it was inevitable that Robin's face had blush all over it now. She no longer looked like the Robin we knew from the anime, but rather a little girl falling in love. But who could blame her? Seth's words and actions had made her heart felt very warm.

Slowly but sure, the smile that had long gone from her face appeared once again and was shown to Seth.

But this time, it was Seth who was taken by surprise. She never thought that Robin's smile would be so charming, and now it was his turn to be dazed by this smile.

Robin saw this and her smile got even wider.

" *Cough* Don't look at me like that. It's your fault to be too beautiful!"

" !!!! "

At the end of the day, the date went without any trouble, and Robin and Seth said their goodbye after Seth finished treating Robin to dinner.

For this date, other than being able to hold Robin's hand, Robin didn't really give Seth much chance to do anything else. And it had made Seth a bit frustrated. However, it was not without any gain.

Just before they said goodbye, Robin asked Seth for his Denden Mushi number, saying that she would consider contacting him later if she wanted to go on a date with him.

Returning back to his hotel room, Seth immediately slumped into his bed. Soon, a new notification prompt appeared on his mind.

[ DING!!!! Robin had a favorable impression toward you. Counterattacks point +800]

[There is a hostess who has a good impression of the host, and the favorability panel opens!]

Not bad, just one day, and he already had recovered 800 counterattack points from the originally owned 10,000 counterattack points that he used to upgrade his charm.

Still, Seth was not in a hurry to pay back the debt. He still had about one month left, and now he was more concerned about the second part of the notification.

"Favorability panel?"

[ Yes, host. The favorability panel can record the favorability value of the hostesses you encounter] the system explained.

Then, the system opened Seth's attribute panel to make it even clearer.

Nothing had changed in the panel except for the increase of counterattack points.

However, there was a favorability opinion at the end.

[Favorability Panel:]

[Nefertari Vivi: 10, Nico Robini: 30]

Seth was a little puzzled to see this favorability panel.

"Wait, don't tell me the little encounter I had with Robin was worth more than all my predecessor's years with Vivi?" Seth asked.

[ Yes, host. Because the predecessor was a licking dog, it was a bit hard for you to increase the favorability with Vivi. On the other hand, Robin's situation was a little bit special. Even though she looked like that, in her deepest heart, she was yearning for love and to be loved. Therefore, the host's recent action had left a significant impact on her heart.]

Seth roughly understood after hearing the explanation of the system.

Yet, it still couldn't erase the awkward smile on his face.

'It seems that my previous decision was correct. If I don't break my engagement with Vivi, there would be no hope even if I were to save the Alabasta….'

'The aftermath of being a licking dog for so long, is profound and cannot be eliminated too quickly. It requires both time and effort.'

Seth soon arrived at the conclusion that he shouldn't rush things. For now, he should be satisfied with his current progress, as hoping for more would only be counterproductive.

Seth stopped thinking about the matters with Robin and Vivi and decided to focus on the matters that he had on hand.

Considering all the situations, there were a few things Seth should put his focus on.

The first was to make more money and spread his business. Even though he was a rich second generation, most of his wealth was from his parents, and he obviously didn't want to just be a leech to his parents. Especially when he still needed a huge amount of money to upgrade his status.

The second was to develop his devil fruit. He had just gotten his Devil Fruit yesterday, so it could be said that his devil fruit was still underdeveloped. Even though he had the God-Level Painting skill, Seth still needed to explore the possibility of his Devil Fruit little by little.

Third and last, Seth wanted to make his own force. He was neither a pirate nor a marine. And therefore, he wanted to make his own force. But where to start, it was a pretty hard thing to consider.

However, even though there were three things that he should focus on, it didn't mean Seth would choose one and neglect the other two. After all, there was a saying in his world.

Only kids choose, a man would take them all.

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