1 Divine Punishment

Ides, god of battle and king of the gods, sat on top of his wyvern and peered through his spyglass with one eye squinted.

"Can you see him, brother?" Inmos, the god of honor, who was standing on top of his own wyvern which was right next to Ides, asked with a serious expression on his face.

"Yes, I can, Inmos.." Ides said with a voice filled with frustration, and he clicked his tongue right afterwards. "I can see that spoiled brat's face very clearly!"

Gulp! Inmos couldn't help but swallow the saliva in his mouth as he felt a chill run up his spine.

'Brother really is angry..' Inmos knew that this wasn't going to be like last time, or the time before that. This time, his brother seemed truly angry.

"Young Irmes, I hope you are ready to face the consequences of your actions.." Inmos whispered under his breath as he focused on the flight path.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The wyverns flew at an incredible speed, pushing the clouds away from their paths with a single flap of their wings, as the floating city of Corosthena came into view.

Within the deepest regions of Snaketail Jungle, one of the largest sections of Corosthena, sat two young men who seemed to be around the age of eighteen, wearing expensive clothing and jewelry, indicating that they were not ordinary people.

The two young men were sitting on the ground, and right behind them was what appeared to be an enormous piece of chicken leg and a pile of bones next to it. The chicken leg was the size of a small bus, and yet, one of the young men stretched out his hand and grabbed it with ease, raising the chicken leg and bringing it close to his face as he began devouring the meat like a hungry animal.

"Young master, are you sure this won't get you in trouble?" The other young man, who was sitting opposite to the youth devouring the chicken leg, asked with a concerned expression on his face. He seemed worried, as though he could feel that something bad was about to happen.

"Why are you acting like a scaredy-cat, Durlo?" Irmes, the god of mischief, spoke with an annoyed look before taking another bite off the giant chicken leg. He wiped his mouth before continuing, "Be honest, have you ever seen my dad getting really angry at me? Huh?"

"Well… no, not really.." Durlo the servant spoke with an uncertain tone in his voice, scratching his head as he did so.

"Well, there you go!" Irmes nodded his head and spoke with a smile before taking yet another bite off the chicken leg. "That's proof right there that we aren't going to get in trouble. And besides, we just stole a chicken. Who's going to make a big deal about stealing a chicken?"

"IRMES!!!" Irmes' speech was interrupted by the loud and thunderous roar of Ides that was so loud that it echoed throughout Corosthena, and both Irmes and Durlo, who were caught off-guard by the sudden roar, immediately rose to their feet, as though an invisible force had compelled them to do so.


The two wyverns of Ides and Inmos landed right next to the two young men, and the impact of the landing sent dust and debris flying away as the trees swayed back and forth.


The two men jumped down from the wyverns and walked towards Irmes and Durlo, who both seemed nervous in their expressions.

"I thought you said your father wouldn't be angry, young master.." Durlo used sound telepathy to speak to Irmes, who spoke back with a frustrated tone. "How the fuck would I know, dumbass?"

Irmes' tried peeking a glance at his father, Ides' face in order to understand what he was thinking, but the cold glint and anger in his father's gaze made him subconsciously turn his head away.

"Oh, he definitely looks mad…" Durlo used telepathy to speak to Irmes once again, and Irmes replied, "I can see, alright?! You don't have to narrate every single thing back to me!" He then paused for a second, and then continued, "Don't worry. I'm sure he'll still forgive me. He's done it many times before, and I'm sure it'll be the same today.."

As the two youths were having their secret discussion in their heads, Ides looked at the remaining pieces of the enormous chicken, and the pile of bones that were right next to it, and his eyes started to glow red.

"Irmes!" He yelled out once again, and Irmes, who shook for a second because of the intensity of his father's voice, replied with a calm and sweet voice after quickly readjusting. "Yes, dad?"

"Did you steal Duffrey's sacred chicken from his kingdom?!" Ides asked, his eyes stuck onto Irmes' face, as though he was trying to peer into the young boy's soul.

"Ah! Yeah, the chicken! Yeah, yeah, about that…" Irmes spoke with a light chuckle and waved his hands in the air in a dismissive manner before continuing, "Yeah, I mean we didn't actually steal it.. I think the correct term would be 'borrowed'."

Ides didn't reply, and instead continued to stare at his son's face, as though he was ordering him to continue speaking.

"Um, I mean, yeah… I guess I did 'borrow' it.." He then paused for a split second, before continuing, ".. And we also might've.. cooked and ate it… But, I mean, what's the big deal?"

"WHAT'S THE BIG DEAL?!!" Ides roared loudly, and a bolt of lightning struck the ground right next to Durlo, who screamed and leapt into the air in terror. "AHHHH! FUCK!"

"Jeez, dad.. calm down, will ya? You're scaring Durlo.." Irmes, who realized that the situation might be more serious than what he had previously imagined, attempted to calm his dad down. "I think we all need to chill out, and have a calm and rational discussion back at home-"

"DON'T TRY TO TALK YOUR WAY OUT OF THIS, BOY!!" Ides snapped his fingers as his voice echoed throughout Corosthena once again, and Irmes started feeling the immense pressure brought upon him by his father's powers.

Inmos, who was standing right next to Ides, had a look of concern on his face, but he knew that his brother doesn't like it when someone interferes in his business. So he decided to keep quiet and observe.

"Too much! I've simply spoiled you too much! Forgiven you too many times for your mischievous acts!" Ides walked left and right as he continued speaking, and both Irmes and Durlo watched him with nervous gazes.

"First, the incident with the bull of hell!" Ides shook his head and planted his face in his hands as he spoke.

"Well, me hunting the bull of hell actually helped the people of Hurshia in the long run, if you actually think about it..." Irmes decided to interrupt the words of his father with his own opinion about the incident, which just made Inmos shake his head.

Irmes continued, "I mean, if anything, Arios should be paying me-"

"SILENCE!! Ides roared loudly yet again, and Irmes was forced to shut his mouth. Durlo, who had already lost hope that they would leave scot-free, began to pray to Witar, the god of fortune.

"I've spoiled you for too long! But all that ends today!" Ides waved his hands in the air as he spoke, and all of a sudden, Irmes felt his body weakening, and he fell to his knees, confused as to what was happening to him.

"What the- dad… wha- what are you doing?" Irmes asked in a nervous tone, and his father replied, "What else? I'm punishing you, of course!"

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The air around Irmes began to get lighter, and his body began to glow brightly as he was slowly lifted into the air.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!! Dad? Daddy? Pops! I'll- I'll be good from now on… Can you just let me off the hook for now? Please?" A nervous Irmes began blabbering like crazy as he realized that his father was actually serious. As the son of the king of gods, he knew how powerful and influential his father was, and what he could do to him.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

No matter how hard he cried, Ides wasn't planning on listening to his words.Not today. "Your mischief ends today!" Ides yelled out as Irmes became completely enveloped in the white light. "Irmes, you are hereby banished to the earth realm until you repent!"

"WHAAAT? NOOOO!!" Irmes' voice echoed throughout Corosthena, and right after finishing his words, the white light disappeared in an instant, taking Irmes along with it and leaving nothing but air.

"Haa.. haa.." Durlo gasped loudly, beads of sweat covering his face and dripping down from his nose as he stared at the spot where Irmes was standing just a second ago.

"Brother, I understand why you felt like you had to punish the young boy. But sending him to earth realm... was that really necessary?" Inmos asked, and Ides shook his head. "This is for his own good. He is too much of a spoiled brat, and a nuisance to other gods. Earth realm might be exactly what he needs to become a better god!"

"I hope that you're right, brother.." Inmos replied, although his words sounded a bit uncertain.


Earth #04.

Tokyoton DC, year 2091.

A young boy stood in front of the large mirror attached to the wall of his room, staring at his reflection with widened eyes before screaming loudly.


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