I Am A Mana God Book

novel - Fantasy

I Am A Mana God


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Irmes, God of Mischief, is infamous all over the Paradise realm for his reckless and mischievous actions. So much so that all the gods who have suffered under his hands have grown sick of his antics. Even his father Ides, the God of Battle and the King of Gods, who have been forgiving him for his mischievous deeds for quite a long time, has had enough. Ides, afraid that his son would grow up to be a selfish and irresponsible god, decides to send him to earth realm as a punishment, hoping that his son would learn to be a better god. With almost no mana within him, and inhabiting his weakest avatar across the entire universe, Irmes, now Mark Fukuoka, must fulfill the requirements necessary to find and open the Gates of Gulos, so that he can return home. Follow Mark and his newfound mortal friends as they face different obstacles; Magical beasts, dark witches, sorcerers, and most importantly.. Highschool!