1 Hero

" Hello Dark meteor I am the Head of recruitment department at the steel wing organization I want to first thank you for your time. " " No worries I'm grateful for your call ." The usual meeting like always oh I'm hero Sark meteor the lowest ranked hero of them all and this guy is one of many who are trying to recruit me why well... too many reasons but to summarize I've the strongest G.C ( Genetic Code ) called magnetic rotation so they really want me as a advertisement board but I refuse like always ." Then let's get straight down to business seeing your record your case completion rate 98% but unfortunately a low Villain survival rate this will badly impact our rating as a organization. " The usual smile how typical of these people they mess with you and think they are just doing their job disgusting. " I am a military class combat hero even complete annihilation of a city is allowed so your rating is safe and secure ." He allows a small sneer to let loose . " I would disagree after all citizens do matter and your hero ranking badly reflects that after all we have to keep our records clean for our employees and our citizen. " " I would give a damn about your stupid ratings what I care about is your hero policies and seeing how you abandon silver snake due to his run in with fifth rank hero Green leaf I would question your policies. " Bullseye his smiling face turns into one of disgusted after all walls made of paper are easily blown away . " A unfortunate outcome but we at steel wing organization value our reputation silver snake stepped into a case accepted by Green leaf we had to release him or our employees livelihood would have been negatively affected you understand beside we have receive word of your current status of homelessness and in hundreds of dollars in debt if you join our organization we take care of everything including your home situation plus we will pay you one million dollars a year . " The walls have fallen now the kingdom with it. " Is that all next time tell your boss or who ever don't contact me or this will not be a simple conversation next time . " I leave as soon as I exit I hear cursing and breaking of glass.

I am now sitting in a cafe drinking coffee while someone wearing a abnormal amount of clothing is sitting on the other side enjoying tea . " When will they learn should stop going to them ." They take a sip of their tea I then laugh and say . " We both know it's not very smart to outright refuse them well I've grown tired of going so maybe this will be my last going . " We both smile and take a sip of our beverage oh she's yes she is Tina Phoenix daughter if Marcus Phoenix former agency class anti terrorist hero called molten core her hero name is :

[ Name: Burning Phoenix

G.C : Flowing Furnace

Type : National class firefighter hero

Organization : Rising Phoenix

Rank : 2nd ]

Yep she is the 2nd rank hero while I rank lost to be fair she doesn't have Villain Slayer. " Anyways since we don't have anything to do why don't we have dinner somewhere else I'm tired of cooking . " " Sure but please nothing fancy number 2 hero . " Oh cute she's blushing unfortunately I can't enjoy this rare sight due to a boom ! going of in the bank beside us . We both take out coins mines slightly bigger and it as a sword on it while her is orange mines black and hers have a campfire on it . We break them and I get covered in a black combat jacket and blue pants my face is covered by a black crow mask . Tina is wearing a orange firefighter suit with a a red gas mask .

[ Name: Dark Meteor

G.C : Magnetic rotation

Rank : last or 4,088,280

Organization : semi autonomous

Type : Military class combat hero]

We run outside to see a man dressed in a blue tight suits wrapped in electric wires and beside him is a man his face filled with so many scars he looked deformed with his black straight suit he looks like anyone nightmares. " I am Villain zap and I've come to rob this place if anyone resists my friend here will blast them to pieces."

[ Name : Zap

G.C : Electricity Manipulation

Type : Bank Robber

Gang affiliation: Unknown

Danger Level : Civilian ]

[ Name : Little Bomber

G.C : Exploding Ball

Type : Bank Robber/ Terrorist

Gang Affiliation: Unknown

Danger Level: Building ]

I try to launch a sneak attack on Zap but he dodges my attack which is a sphere of air . Little Bomber fire a ball of flame out of his mouth I launch another sphere of air our attack explodes on contact with each other Zap regaining his head start spew out nonsense. " Oh Villain Slayer it's my blessing to meet you unfortunately it's a early good bye. " He places his hands together Electricity start to gather in between in his hand he then fires a beam if Electricity at me my first reaction was to dodge but realizing the cafe filled with people behind me I put up a wall of air in front of me catching it in the sphere rotation . Little Bomber then begins to shoot balls of fire much smaller than before at me I keep shooting them down Zap begins to laugh assured of his victory but is hit with a fist to the face knocking him out Little Bomber turns towards Burning Phoenix and unleash a ball of fire twice the size of before Burning Phoenix simple opens her hands and a suction force absorbs the ball of flame her hair turned from black to blue she then charges at Little Bomber who fires out a regular size ball of fire Burning Phoenix absorbs it like before and she begins to move much faster than before reaching arms length from Little Bomber she decks him knocking him out .

" This is Beaky Gale with Wolf News today Villain Zap and Little Bomber had attempted a bank robbery here in E10 but but was stopped by Villain Slayer Dark Meteor and Burning Phoenix we here at Wolf News is grateful for their efforts but this brings up a bigger question should non combat hero be involved in cases that aren't in their area of expertise we at Wolf News believe in a hard no thank you for your time Beaky Gale for Wolf News signing out . "

How hypocritical they are only saying that due to tina Organization Rising Phoenix having a exclusive deal with Express News . While I was looking down on them someone calls out to me . " Hey Dark Meteor a moment of your time please. " I turn to the voice to see a man wearing a black suit with black shades on beside him is a girl also wearing a black suit with dark shades. " Yea and you are . " I ask even though it's pretty obvious . " I am Michael Reeves a 2nd class agent working for A.H.C.A or Anti Hero Corruption Agency. " One head of Cerberus the other two are I.C.U Independent Corruption Unit who prevents organization from abusing their power and N.N.C National News Channel who gives " unbiased " news plus they have the ability to steal other news exclusive cases . " Oh what about Cane ? " I ask trying to dig deeper " Mr. Cane he was promoted to 1st class agent he's in fact our team leader he said to introduce ourselves to you this is Felicia Conner there's also Shawn Patterson our tech guy plus Lisa Pet our intelligence officer and finally Tommy Winfred our third field agent. " That was easier than expected but knowing Cane now wonder this guy is also so straight forward. " I will be going now remember to call when you need help . " They leave with Michael waving his hand.

" Thank you for your time Burning Phoenix this is Keisha Grey with a exclusive interview with Burning Phoenix Express News signing out. "

Finished with the interview she comes over with a sad face and says. " I'm so sorry I have paper work to deal with plus my manager says our sponsors aren't to happy I wasn't wearing their costume so I can't be home tonight. " " Don't worry about it go I will be fine this is important." She nods then goes to her lamborghini aventador SVJ roadster which was once pink but due to me constantly laughing she changed it to red . She drives away I begin the walk home .


" They should remove their G.C once and for all ." Two guards sitting and playing cards in a prison cell meanwhile Little Bomber and Zap are chained and filled with rods their eyes devoid of any emotion. A dark fog slowly enter the prison cell two mysterious person appear one a male with silver dressed in a fancy red and blue suit and he's wearing a clown mask beside him a young girl wearing goth clothes and wearing a mask with 1 on it .

[ Name : unknown

G.C : unknown

Gang affiliation : unknown

Danger level : unknown ]

[ Name : unknown

G.C : unknown

Gang affiliation : unknown

Danger level : unknown ]

" Who are you.? " The guards says while drawing their guns the girl simply waves her hand and they fall asleep . " Quickly turn the guards into double I will free the package . " The man wearing the clown mask disappears and reappears with Zap and Little Bomber the girl throws a black cloth over them a poof! sound is heard she removes the cloth and the guards position switches with Zap and Little Bomber no there identity was switched! " let's go ." clown mask put the fake Zap and Little Bomber in the prison cell then disappear leaving no trace .