1 Prologue


The voice that came out from the handphone held by an average-looking middle-aged man. A glimpse of hopelessness flickered into the man's face. It was a really simple, small yet cruel word to the man feelings. But still, no one could do a thing about it, no one.

Adam Williams

It was the man's name. He was a footballer, a job that could make someone either prestige, glory and honour or nothing at all. Football was the most famous sport in the world. Unfortunately, Adam's career came to a short end. It was because of his injuries and other factors that made the contract didn't fell through. Adam became a free agent then, he was still optimistic though. But, no team ever wants him beside the second-hand teams.

"Is this it?"

"Is this really it?"

"It's over just like that?"

The feeling of disbelief and scepticism were overwhelming. A bitter smile couldn't help but be plastered all over his face.

"F*ck me, nothing can change if I always bothered about it..."

Adam had a late-career and his debut was when he was over his teenage years. Adam was a defender but in a match, he suffered a terrible injury. Well, right now he still rehabilitates but before he can recover completely, the club didn't extend his contract as the club went into bankruptcy.

Adam was no world-class player but statistically, he was consistent and as a defender, consistency definitely was an important thing. Consistency was really an important aspect for football players en masse. It was an undeniable fact.

A footballer could not be called the best if they weren't consistent. For example, like many players that considered to be the best; Pele, Maradona, Messi, Ronaldo and many others. They have shown their consistencies over the years.

"Adam, please hear me out for a second. I can...."

Before the voice could finish the sentence, Adam already hangs on to the phone and turn it off.

'Well it's not like I am going to die or something, I am grateful enough that I can still be playing football'

He was an orphan so the only thing he could do was relying on himself. besides, it was still unbelievable that an orphan like him can play in Europe. Europe, the biggest stage for a footballer. Hell, he even has the chance to play in the champions league, even though it was just in a group stage. Unfortunately, he was out of luck, he can't believe that the club he was in went into bankruptcy and I knew clearly that I'm not that bad of a player but still.....

"Dammit, if only I have a chance to start over again..."

Adam decided to came out of his apartment to get some fresh air and maybe find snacks because he was also a bit hungry. In a bad situation like this Adam would rather make his mind clear first and forget all his troubles even if it's just a moment.

Adam was presently in the Bolton Wanderer football club before the club went into bankruptcy and he became a free agent. Well, Adam was the kind of player that likes to change clubs and Bolton was his last.

Adam walked in the middle of the city of Bolton, looking for a convenience store.

"I'm not that old and I still have my strength as a football player, you know...." Grumbled Adam


If someone saw him right now, he could be considered to be a crazy person for muttering nonstop and if someone was close enough, many curse words can be heard.

Complaints were still escaping from Adam's mouth, seems like this was not helping it at all with just getting outside, it might even made it worse. How he could not be upset, he still did not reach the peak of his age in playing football yet.

He was not even married yet. Forget about marriage, he did not have a girlfriend, a very sad life indeed. Well, the only thing he can do was looking for other jobs if Adam gave up to play football.

But, football was the dream and the hopes for Adam. Football had made his life go up and down like a rollercoaster.

The reason he had a late-career was also because of football.

Adam used to be an aspiring child full of dreams in becoming football, but unfortunately, bad luck still happened in a match that caused him in a coma for 10 years. Adam still wondered why his life was filled with misfortune, was he cursed by the god?

Overall, football was like his life and death. As an orphan, Adam used to have no dreams and desires but all that changed when he discovered football in his life.

"No way I gave up on playing football, It's my life after all. It's impossible!"

Adam then went to cross the road. At that moment, he noticed a child wanted to be hit by a truck so he swiftly took action. He ran quickly to save the child before the child was hit by a truck that was getting closer and closer, the truck gave no sign of slowing down at all, instead, he was getting faster.

"What the hell is wrong with the driver?"

As a footballer, one of the qualities that can make him qualified to play in Europe and at some point in his career reach the champions league was because he had extraordinary strength since he was still a child, but not in the reach of non-humans. But, it was still considered to be a great thing and to keep in mind that he also went into a coma for 10 years but still could have such strength. Adam ran beyond his limits and finally...


a loud voice was heard and reverberated through the place, before closing his eyes Adam had confirmed that the child had been saved by him. but unfortunately, he did not survive it and death embrace came close to him.

"Is this the truck-kun that is often told in the novels I read?"

That was the last albeit a very idiotic question from Adam before his consciousness disappears. Adam might have gone insane, death was painful after all.


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