1 Prologue

Afternoon at St. Nazareth Academy, classes already ended and most of the student left the school.

Kou Higuchi is standing in the Music room talking to a beautiful girl.

The dim lights of the room make the atmosphere solemn.

"I'm sorry but I don't know what you mean... I never said we are dating so what are you talking about?" Kou said calmly staring to the girl

The girl looked shocked and hurting by the words Kou just said

"But! You only talk to me, when there is a free time we will always hang out, and most of the time we eat and watch movies... Is it not the standard for dating?" The girl said

Even though she's trying to reason out why she misunderstood she know that it will be pointless

She fell in love with someone who is not in love with her.

"I thought that what friends do" Kou said without any ill intention

The girl looked shocked and slowly tears fall in her eyes

"Do you think I will exert this much effort if you are only my friend ?" The girl said while tears streaming in her pale white skin

Her eyes are already red from crying

"I'm sorry... I never knew" Kou whispered feeling bad for the girl

"Kou you're the worst!" The girl slap Kou and run away.

Her eyes are with tears

"Sorry..." Kou said looking at the door

On the other side of the room there is guy standing staring at Kou.

"Sorry." The guy said and leave with a smile