947 Bizarre Trend

Landon froze for a bit in shock before preparing his mental state.

It looks like he was about to meet a very difficult patient.

With that, all 6 doctors, including Landon... walked into the patient's room and were immediately met with screams.

"You fools! I want meat, not vegetables!

Go get me some now!!!!"


A pillow flew towards one of the women in the room, but Landon caught it swiftly.

"Mr. Andrew, even though you're a patient, we do not tolerate hitting or throwing objects at others.

Please behave yourself!"

The round-faced cruddy man curled his plumped lips in disdain and pain at Landon.

"And who are you?

What business is it to you?

Can't you see that I'm disciplining my wife?

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Ahhhh.... Dammit! It still hurts like hell!

Where are your stupid doctors?!!!"

Landon squinted his eyes while keenly scrutinizing the overweight man before him.

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