3 C3 Testing Powers

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As Peter went from class to class, he was met by the constant glare of Flash, who was thinking of any way possible to get back at him.

Flash, at least in the MCU, didn't seem to physically bully Peter, he focused more on making fun of him with different types of verbal and psychological attacks. Though sometimes he'll get physical in minor ways like what happened this morning.

While Peter was eating lunch with Ned, he saw Flash eating at the 'popular' kids table and laughing while pointing at him every once in a while, most likely making fun of Peter.

If he wasn't a victim of far more drastic and physical bullying in his past life, Peter would probably be negatively affected by this, but compared to that, this type of bullying was nothing.

Though that doesn't mean he would let it go unpunished, Peter would have to do that in a more sneaky fashion. He doesn't want to be expelled from school for beating Flash black and blue.

He can do similar things to what happened this morning, or some pranks that don't implicate him. Peter will have to plan something out to humiliate Flash another day. Maybe after that he would learn some humility.

Speaking of doing similar things like this morning, as Peter was putting away his lunch tray, Flash stuck his leg out and tried to trip him as he walked by. Easily catching this with his enhanced senses, Peter pretended to be oblivious and stomped on Flashes foot as he passed by.

"Argh!" Flash grunted in pain and pulled his foot back instantly.

Peter acted as if he didn't see a thing and kept walking, putting his tray away and returning to Ned, who watched the whole thing with a face full of awe and wonder.

"Dude, that was so cool." Ned said excitedly in a hushed voice as he stole glances at Flash, who is nursing his aching foot. "What happened to you, Peter?"

"Nothing much." Peter says with a shrug. "I just decided that I wouldn't let Flash push me around this year. I want to enjoy my time without having to look over my shoulder or worry about what others say about me."

Hearing Peter's little speech, Ned nodded along with him and became excited by every word.

"Yeah, I won't let him bully me either!" Ned says in determination.

"Good for you Ned." Peter pats him on the shoulder. "Don't worry, I got your back."


As the school day came to an end, Ned wanted to hang out after school, but Peter gave him a random excuse and dipped.

Using his phone, Peter looks for abandoned buildings and tries his best to find the perfect training location. It took about an hour to find the best place, as Peter had to quadruple-check that there were no cameras in the area. He doesn't mind Tony Stark knowing his true identity, but Peter would rather SHIELD and by extension HYDRA stay in the dark.

Maybe someday he would grandly announce his identity like Tony Stark, but that would have to wait until he had more, money, resources, and the power to protect himself and those around him.

Due to the cameras everywhere in New York, Peter had to use the basement of an abandoned warehouse. Thankfully, it was spacious and wasn't falling apart, like many of the other abandoned buildings he saw before this.

As soon as he was done scouting out the area, Peter sent a text to Aunt May, explaining that he would be home late, and started testing out his powers.

Spider-Man is said to have multiple powers.

-Superhuman Strength.

-Superhuman Speed.

-Superhuman Reflexes.

-Superhuman Durability.

-Healing Factor.

-"Spider-Sense" Alert.

-Heightened Senses.


-Web shooters (Organic)

Starting with superhuman strength, Peter found many large heavy metal I-beams, which were usually used in construction, and tried lifting them. He lifted one and was surprised by how light it felt. It was as though the beam was one of those styrofoam movie props, disguised as the real thing.

After a quick google search, Peter found that an I-beam of this size weighs 520 lbs, so 1/4th of a ton.

Seeing as the first I-beam was easy, Peter made himself a makeshift extreme benchpress with web and some I-beams. Webbing 2 I-beams together, Peter lay underneath and tried lifting them as if he were at the gym.

Once again he found it pretty easy to lift, so Peter kept adding weight until he began to struggle. After many add-ons, Peter found that he could lift 40 I-beams at once, which totaled a little over 10 tons. Anything over that would cause Peter to strain a muscle and hurt himself.

He could be able to up that 10-ton limit by doing some extreme weight lifting, but that would have to wait until he tested his other powers.

Next, Peter moved on to testing his superhuman speed, running circles around the warehouse basement. Before starting he found an app that shows how fast you run, but sadly that app couldn't register his speed. Most likely thinking he's in a car or something.

Thankfully, there were a few apps that tell you how fast you bike, which had a much higher threshold and was able to track his speed. Which was higher than he thought possible at around 100 Miles per hour, which is a little over 4 times faster than Usain Bolt.

Reflexes, heightened senses, and spider senses were harder to test but still possible. Peter took softball-sized rocks and hung them on webs from the ceiling. Pushing each rock, causing them to swing erratically and create an odd death trap of swinging rocks in the center of the warehouse basement.

After his boobytrap was finished, Peter stepped in with his eyes closed and trusted his senses. The tingling feeling returned and Peter trusted it, dodging up, down, right, left, forward, and back. His enhanced senses and reflexes combined with his spider-sense made him look like a skilled dancer as he smoothly weaved in and around the death trap.

Next, Peter stood completely still in the center of the swinging rocks, allowing them to crash into different parts of his body. This is testing his superhuman durability and healing factor, which was something he dreaded but sadly it had to be done.

After being hit by a few dozen ham-fist size rocks, they lost their momentum and hung limply from the ceiling. Stepping out of the hanging rocks section of the warehouse, Peter saw that he barely had a mark on his body, and any mark he had already started fading away. Though he couldn't say the same about his clothes, which were now ripped in certain areas.

"Damn, what should I tell Aunt May..." Peter muttered as he thought it would've been smarter to take off his clothes beforehand. "Maybe I'll pickpocket some rich guy on the way home and buy some new clothes."

He could sneak in through his bedroom window and change clothes, but who knows how many cameras are outside his apartment building. Speaking of cameras, Peter would have to find a way to deal with that problem.

Living in the modern world is hard as an up-and-coming superhero.

Tony Stark used Jarvis to find his identity far too easily in the movies, so maybe he needs some type of technology that scrambles a camera's picture when he's within a certain distance. Maybe a magical item that renders him invisible to a camera could work too?

For either of those options to work, Peter would need some extra help. For the technological route, he could probably make it himself, as he was fairly smart even in his past life. That combined with his new genius Parker brain should make him capable enough to make it.

Sadly, the parts he would need may be unavailable to the general public or simply hard to obtain. Peter would have to get some help, and Tony Stark would probably be that person. Making it with Tony Starks help would also speed up his work time and enhance the end product by a lot.

Not to mention the fact that Peter needs a Spider-man suit, which could be made a lot quicker with Tony's help. Though Peter's unsure if he should meet Tony this early on. It may be better to wait until he returns from captivity as a more responsible man.

The magical route would be impossible as he has no idea how that would even work, which means he would have to ask the Ancient One for help. He already planned to visit her anyway, so this may be the best bet.

Finally, moving on to the last two powers on the list, Peter shot webs from his wrists and started crawling and walking on the walls and ceiling. He didn't have room to test web-swinging, but that can be done outside when the camera scrambler is acquired.

With every one of his powers tested, Peter checked his phone and saw 10 texts and 2 missed calls from his Aunt May. Mostly concerning when he would be home and why he isn't answering her.

Checking the time, Peter saw that it was almost 10 pm, which isn't that bad but the old Peter probably didn't stay out very late.

"Sigh, I don't think I have time to buy new clothes."

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