I'm Sorry! It's Not Me, Its You! Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

I'm Sorry! It's Not Me, Its You!


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" Should I play the evil role?" This question has haunted Yena for many nights. Yena has always played minor roles in many worlds. With the help of the system, she survived and gained points, earning her a promotion to become the supporting lead in a storyline. She aims for another promotion and that is to ultimately become the female lead in her next missions. But she has to play the role of a supporting lead for now. The system that was assisting her told her to just complete her role as to not mess up the storyline. But upon transmigrating she found herself in a predicament. "You're mine, as I am yours" the male lead kissed her hands gently. "Uhemm!, I think there's some kind of mistake here. I..." Before Yena could say anything , her mouth was blocked with a passionate kiss


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