2 Chapter 1: The awakening

The awakening


The world of Eceth started to spin as it created beautiful life forms and lush green hill to recreate the world of Eceth like its once was. A cycle that endlessly repeats itself. A cycle that would always happen no matter what. The only difference is that every time the world of Eceth repeats its own recreation, like a programmed machine, the geography and types of life forms would be different.

This time a mutation happened in the system on the recreation of the world of Eceth. A small and insignificant magic formation appeared along with the creation of the content. This small and insignificant magic formation was not small in reality, because this magic formation has a span of 100 miles, but it was nothing compared to the creation of the 9 continents.


A lofty and imposing circular tower was shot out through the magic formation as it pierces the sky. Nobody knew where it went or where it would land.

On the same circular tower, a portal appeared on the peak floor of the circular tower. A silhouette was thrown out of the portal as it tumbles onto the floor. The portal closes. The tower begins to shine.

[Recognizing owner of the tower... Emyrs will be set as new owner of the tower... Activating lighting system... Activating self defence mechanism... initiate landing... land at random location...]


A circular tower flew down from the sky like lightning as it imbedded itself into the ground. This tower would later be known as the Heros tower as it will be used as a trial of strength and wisdoms for humans from the world of Eceth and heroes from another world.


200,000 year gone by in a flash...

Emyrs, who just woke up.

Emyrs: Argh... My head hurts... (looks around the empty bright room) Where am I? I thought I was hit by a truck? Am I dead? Is this the heavens?

[Welcome back my lord...Handing over all control to Emyrs...My lord, please voice status tower to open the status of the tower]

Emyrs: What?(Emyrs did not think much and uttered status tower)

A game like screen popped up in front of Emyrs

Status (tower)


Type: (Godly)Magic tower

Title: Heros tower

Owner: Emyrs



Attack: 10,000 (Max)

M.Attack: 10,000 (Max)

Defence: 10,000 (Max)

M.Defence: 10,000 (Max)



Gold(silver x100): (infinite)

Silver(copper x100): (infinite)

Copper(iron x100): (infinite)

Iron: (infinite)




(Everyday magic)(magic manipulation(low))...


(Summon low rank monster)(buff allies)...


(Summon mid rank monster)(debuff enemy)(Radar)...


(Flash)(Summon high rank monster)(intimidation)...


(Warp)(Summon Boss)(Cold aura)(Hot aura)...


(Steal status(until limit))(creation(non-living))(slow time)(teleportation)(Revival)(summon hero from another world(random))...


(World eradication)(Life creation)(Customize status(there are restrictions))(Time stop)(Transport people from another world to other world)...


Emyrs: Isnt this kind of like those clichés, get hit by a truck and then was reincarnated to another world with cheats kind of thing?! (A moment of silence) I wonder if I would be able to look at my own status?

A status screen pops up in front of Emyrs



Name: Emyrs

Title: [The last true God]

Race: God(True)

Level: Max

Health: (infinite)

Mana: (infinite)

Attack: 9,999,999,999 (broke the limit)

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M.Attack: 9,999,999,999 (broke the limit)

Defence: 9,999,999,999 (broke the limit)

M.Defence: 9,999,999,999 (broke the limit)

Agility: 9,999,999,999 (broke the limit)

Luck: 9,999,999,999 (broke the limit)




Emyrs: (lifts his dropped jaw)Wow, this cheat is more broken than I thought. Doesnt that mean that I am the God of this world?

Emyrs then spends the rest of the day investigating and exploring the uses of the tower. He found out that the abilitys that the tower has, he could use it without activating the tower itself. Basically, both the tower and Emyrs are connected. He also found out that the tower will maintain itself just fine without needing his help.

At the end of the day Emyrs used [(legendary) creation] to fill up the room with elegant decorations and comfortable bedding.

The next day, Emyrs woke up and set himself the goal to explore the world that he is in, the world of Eceth. He used [(SR)radar] and made a rough map of the world of Eceth and use [creation] to create a scythe called ((Godly)Eternal darkness) and some common clothing. He then proceeded to store them in [(legendary) spatial storage]. Holding his map, he embarked on an journey like a traveller to enjoy the world in front of him


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