1 (Prologue) The end of the era of gods

The era of gods



Rubble flew everywhere as space itself begin to split apart. The world of Eceth was in ruins. Everything was seemingly about to fall apart into a million pieces. There was an extremely huge snake that coiled around the world of Eceth. It had spikes sharp enough to impale the world and black scales covered with a layer of abysmal darkness. Presenting itself as a being not to be reckoned with, but at this time it's blazing eye glared sharply at a humanoid figure that was like an ant comparable to its size. If one were to look closer, they would see that the humanoid figure was tattered with broken armour while holding a majestic sword that would outshine the sun. He faces a huge snake with countless deep dark wounds like a soldier returning from a ruthless war.



Name: Calamity God Serpent

Title: King of Gods

Race: God(True)

Level: 999

Health: 20,000,000

Mana: 4,000,000

Attack: 9,999

M.Attack: 2,000

Defence: 9,999

M.Defence: 9,999

Agility: 6,000

Luck: 99






Name: Seramendoza

Title: Walking disaster

Race: God(True)

Level: 999

Health: 15,000,000

Mana: 10,000,000

Attack: 8,000

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M.Attack: 8,000

Defence: 6,000

M.Defence: 6,000

Agility: 9,999

Luck: 99


[(Godly)Holy sword]


Calamity God serpent: Traitor! Do you know what you have done?! How dare you to be so impudent as to kill your own kind?!

Seramendoza: We gods have lived to long! It is time for a new era. An era without us gods overseeing and controlling the world!

Calamity God serpent: You!

Seramendoza: A new era shall begin. An era of unknown. An era of exploration. Our long-lasting era shall be vanished into the river of time.

The humanoid figure, Seramendoza , pierce the cold hard ground with his [(Godly)Holy sword]. A large magic formation made of profound and ancient symbols swallowed the entire world as it begins to glow dazzlingly.

Calamity God serpent: Have you gone insane?! Do you want to render everything ,including you, into nothingness?

Seramendoza: Oh, Calamity God serpent, it seems you don't understand the meaning of my words. As I said, a new era is about to begin, it meant that everything in this era shall be destroyed and turned into mere ashes. Erasing all the creation from this era and start a new one from scratch and that includes me as well as you. (Seramendoza shook his head and sigh as he stated to the Calamity God serpent.) Goodbye old friend...


A deafening sound blasted across the entire world as it shook violently... Not a single speck of dust remains...


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