I'm of C.O.D.E. Book

novel - Fantasy

I'm of C.O.D.E.


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Long ago, Dragons roamed the earth. Seen as living Gods, they were worshiped and adored by humans until one day when they had a change of heart. Claiming that humans were unfit to live under the same sky as them, the Dragons slaughtered and massacred cities and villages alike until humanity was on the brink of extinction. Unable to accept their fate, eight warriors rose up from the declining masses and led humanity through its darkest hour; this was the birth of the first Chibushi (Chi-warrior). Given Blessings from the Eight Beast Gods, the legendary warriors were finally able to defeat the monsters, sealing them away in beings called Dragon Vessels. Thousands of years have passed and new problems arise in the world, however the fear of the Dragons remain. As a Vessel, 10 year old Taitsuke Ryoko must deal with fear and hatred toward him everyday. But, rather than giving into their looks of disdain, he chooses to prove that he is just as human as everyone else. By becoming a Chibushi and joining the Alliance's CODE, Taitsuke will show that he is nothing like the monster inside him. Follow Taitsuke on his journey to becoming of CODE (Chibushi Organization of Defense)!