1 Episode 1

Person: "Hey why are you so short?"

You: "I'm not short... You're just tall." Raises balled fists into the air.

Person: "Awe your hands are so tiny, it's cute."

You: Hides hands. "They are normal sized."

People always told me "you're lucky, tall boys, love short girls." Always ending with me asking why, just for them to say "well short girls are cuter." What the heck does that mean, cause I know some short girls that are unattractive. Well, actually, it's me, because based on this ideology, I should have had plenty of relationships. However, I have never been asked out. Everyone acts like you are in control of how tall or short you can be. To be completely honest, whether your tall or short, there will always be someone there to point it out. For instance, when I got to middle school, it seemed like everyone started having huge growth spurts, while I only grew a couple centimeters. I didn't even notice it because inside I feel tall. It wasn't til this boy in my class, oh so helpfully pointed it out. I don't know why it happened but he started to call me a dwarf and me being an intellectual explained to this idiot, what dwarfism, only for him to point out my pointed ears and call me an elf. Even though I decided to stop putting my curly hair into the buns I loved, I was soon known to be the school's little elf. I could not wait to go to highschool.

I knew I couldn't change the way the others thought about me, but I knew I would be fine if I moved myself out of the equation and their social circles.That's why I worked hard to get into Z Academy, one of the hardest school to get into. Z Academy was an expensive co-ed boarding school for the gifted, so me getting a scholarship to go was amazing. Of course I would miss my mom and siblings, but since she didn't have to pay for it, made the offer more appealing. So I packed my bags to get settle into my dorm before school starts, in about a week.

Hopping out of the cab with my suitcase, a shoulder strap bag, and a backpack, I could finally face reality, that I was really going to be here for the next four years. Dragging all my stuff through the entrance gates of the school, I probably looked like a turtle. The school was made up a bunch off big modern building with lots of windows, it felt like I was walking into the future. There were students walking around everywhere, already knowing where to go. Looking up, I had trip over my own feet and bump into this boy, who had blue headphones around his neck. "I sorry" I said. He sighed "ugh," brushed himself off, and lifted himself to his feet and walked away. People had began to watch me, whispering to each other, so I began to scramble to get my things. As I reached for my shoulder strap bag, it was grabbed by a boy with green eyes.

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