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I'm Into You (BL)


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What is I'm Into You (BL)

Read I'm Into You (BL) novel written by the author SourLoveSweet on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Martial Arts stories, covering romance, action, comedy, r18, campus. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Love is not measured by what you can do, state of life and most importantly what you are.You will accept everything if you really love him. Even if others say he should not. -------- Mint Saturrapoon. They describe him as the son of hades. He's Ruthless, Cold blooded King, and a dangerous man. Even if he's still an teenager, he's looks and his aura screams danger. He's underground name is JINXS. Means bad luck. He loves blood. He loves to torture his victims. He loves to hear the scream of pain in his victims. He loves to hear pleading tone in his targets when they want to slare their lives. He loves to play his victims. Not just an ordinary play, but it is a play were your life is on risk. Everyone will be trembled to death if they hear the JINXS, because they know that the son of hades is near. He never believe in the word LOVE. Because his mom died because of his father that didn't love her. That's why he is not fond of his father. He never accept or dare to love anyone. When he transfeered in Elite Realm University, he's life will turn upside down when he meet this famous guy in the university. Kiet Kanthapat. The beautiful man with a grumpy face. The hearttrob in his university. Men and women adore him because if his sweet face. He also never believes in love because of his first love. His first love left him to another man. He is a grade conscious guy. He loves his friends and family. He loves to sleep. He loves Pinkmilk. He loves spicy food. And he hates criminals. But their aspects of life will change as they cross paths. A sweet loving guy meets the dangerous man in the world. Will they accept their fate? Will they believe in love again? _________________ This is my first novel story in Webnovel so i expect some of negative comments and positive comments. Well, i really hope that one of you will appreciate my effort because i do love making a story. And i really want to be a writer someday and work in publisher.


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Damn.....Damn...Damn....I loved it absolutely...The novel is a complete HOOK ...like it keeps you hooked the entire time..The story plot is so amazing and especially the characters and their world settings are mind blowing...If you keep writing this story is gonna become really famous...MARK MY WORDS...The only thing you need to improve is your writing style and grammar and like due to the weak random flow of moments your scenes are poorly altered which makes it hard to understand what's going on by reading once...a little confusion there...BUT because your story's plot and hook is so amazing that mustn't be a problem rn .Overall I loved it...I am waiting for further updates,surely your writing will improve don't worry .Story has great potential and is really well-thought .Keep up the good work


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