I'm in Love with the President of the United States
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I'm in Love with the President of the United States


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What is I'm in Love with the President of the United States

I'm in Love with the President of the United States is a popular web novel written by the author maxyperson, covering ROMANCE, DRAMA, REVERSE HAREM, FUNNY, COMEDY, MODERN, PRESIDENT, ROMANTIC-COMEDY, CONTEMPORARY- ROMANCE, Contemporary Romance genres. It's viewed by 163.2K readers with an average rating of 4.94/5 and 31 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 70 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


When an old flame wins the U.S. presidency, Roselle Reyes quickly finds herself caught in a love triangle with leaders from all around the world. *** Roselle Reyes is a stubborn girl from Michigan that plays things safe. Being spontaneous or doing things outside the box is NOT her cup of tea. One day, she watches TV and realizes that her childhood friend, Armani Parker, had won the U.S. presidency. Under normal circumstances that would be great, except there was one little detail: when they were kids, she promised that if he became president, she would marry him! Soon, Roselle must get out of her comfort zone and move to Washington D.C. to confess her love to the president, and she becomes part of a love triangle with leaders (presidents, prime ministers, kings) from all around the world along the way. *** THE OFFICIAL TRAILER IS OUT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kwBeZgtnpJg&feature=youtu.be You can also search "maxyperson" on youtube and click on my most recent video to watch it. *** If you'd like to support me further and see some character art, visit me on ko-fi! https://ko-fi.com/maxyperson Follow me on instagram: @maxyperson


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We have seen CEOs and we have seen billionaires and we have seen idols and artists. I personally have never seen President of USA. To be honest, I found the confusion of FL realistic but really funny. Writing is great, no grammatical mistakes either. The story takes the premise a notch higher and I am looking forward to how this will develop into becoming FLs triangle/ square/ polygon. Great job author!


Nice, hahha. The ealy chaps was good, though the mc gets hormonal moods sometimes but its still okay. The writing quality is very good as well since it can show the entire scenario and the scenes flow well inside ones head. Im curious to see how the author will handle the other presidents on other countries and how she'll meet them. The scenes and the dialogue were natural and not stiff so it was fun to read. Overall nice book.




The book is a great read, something unique and gives some details but not many to give the creative mind the imagination of the world and the characters and how they look and would act. Quite a few funny moments, some hard hitting emotional ones, 10/10 would delete my memory just to surprise myself on reading it again and again.






I've read a lot of romance novels but this one just clicks differently I mean president! Wow! This story is beyond amazing Keep up the good work 🔥❤❤


I don't usually read romance novels, but i just picked this up one day and liked it. although I'm not that far into it, the story so far is good.


The story is very well written and the character development is very intriguing. The way the story is written leaves the reader wanting more and I surely want to read more. The way that the anticipation grows just leaves me on the edge of my seat! I would highly recommend this book to anyone and everyone; you won't be disappointed.♡


Okay! One, really funny Two, me like the prez! Kept his promise! That'd scare me actually XD This is a great novel that I really recommend. You guys should check it out and keep up the good work, author!


You! The first time I read it, I love it. The characters are good. I really love everything. I read a lot of kinds of novels but this is the first time someone has written about political romance. It's a fresh idea. Keep it up 💓💗💖


To be honest it's great everything is just perfect. I love it. The imagination here is really great. And while reading I can feel each scene happening in front of me. I am really blown away. Not really into these types of novels but this novel has grabbed my attention for sure.


I love the idea behind this one, and what a cute opening! Writing is very strong. Definitely my kind of book. I've added it to my library, and I don't do that very often. This is a great traditional romance for anyone who likes to see friends become lovers, and it has the fame and prominence aspect as well. Definitely recommend!


Reveal spoiler


super exciting story! great plot! interesting characters to be favourites! I loved it! one is the best romance I've ever seen! pretty interesting just great! you should definitely check out!


I just recently bumped and read this story and I say this is kind of underrated with bigger potential. Well written and deserve to get a full five star! If you are looking for a story with romantic vibe, don't hesitate and start reading this now. I like this book, and hope the author won't just drop it like the others. The more I read it, the more I want to finish it. Hope the author constantly update its chapter. ❤️❤️


I really love the story it was easy to follow and the characters were great and the plot twist was so good thar i laugh so hard. Well written story im excited for the next chapters😁😁😁😍😍😍🥳😍🥳😍😊😊😊😊😊😊🥳😊🥳😊🥳😊🥳😊📞😊📞😊📞


From the beginning of the first chapter I can see that you have an idea for all novel. It's easy and fun to read. Now, everything is in your hands ;) Work on the storyline! Wish you a lot of good ideas and inspiration!


i honestly can't fault the story, just three chapters in and I am hooked. I hope for more and for now it's a 5 star for me. keep it up👍👍👍👏


It is a good story. The development of the character is perfect. Im currently waiting for any upcoming events with the current characters. Its enjoyable and easy to read. Keep it up and thanks for the chapters.


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