I woke up to find myself sitting in a chair in a living room with a 30-year-old man sitting on the couch before me.

"Hello there!" the man said.

"Who are you?" I inquired.

"You know me as God, My parents call me Rob." He said.

"Okay, Rob, what I'm I doing here?" I asked.

"Well, Because of the way you died you are to reincarnate!" He said.


It was night. I was sitting in my car eating a hotdog when I notice a big hairy disgusting spider on my passenger seat. I immediately throw my hotdog at it as I open the door to flee. I suddenly feel something bumping on the door. I look outside to see a man on the ground, I get out of the car to help the man up and apologize and as I touch him he turns to me with a gun in hand.


I felt cold all over, I slowly fell to the ground still confused about what just happened.

The man quickly gets up but.


I hear gunshots again but this time the man is the one who fell.


"I didn't survive that huh?" I said.

"I mean you were shot two times in the heart and another in the throat so yes... You are very dead" He said almost jokingly.

"Who was he anyway??" I asked.

"He was a terrorist, He was being chased by Homeland Security at the time." He said.

"I see. Why I'm I so calm about all this? Death and all." I inquired, I find it very interesting that I'm not freaking out nor I'm I excited about reincarnation`.

"I put a calming spell on you when you first woke up." He answered.

Well, he is a god, I guess he can do that.

"Let's get down to business shall we?" He said.

"Let's do that. " I answered.

"First tell me where you want to reincarnate And then what you will look like. And because you were shot thrice you will get 3 wishes." He said.

Dammit, I wish I was shot more, Me and my bad luck.

"Okay, I want to go to Game of Thrones. " I said.

"Granted. Since you are going to GOT you have to choose a family. " He said.

"The Arryns. " I said.

"Your looks. " He said.

"I want to look like Cole Sprouse. Change eye color to brown. " I said.

"Time." He said.

"I want to be born to Jon Arryn and Rowena Arryn at 281, But I want to take over the body the day my father dies, I don't want to grow attached. " I said.

"How do you want him to act." He said.

"Make him love sword training and learning languages. " I say.

"Granted. Now for your wishes. " He said.

"First I want to be immortal and be able to grant it. " I said.

"Denied, Those are two wishes, If you want to keep it I will have to restrict it. " He said.

"I'm listening. " I said.

"You can only grant immortality to 3 people every 10 years. The immortality I will give you is only Eternal life and youth. " He said.

"I accept. Second, The ability to summon from different universes. Make it operate as a system." I said with anticipation.

"Granted, However, It will be completely random and it will depend on how many points you have." He said.

"What points? " I asked.

"For every life you take, You will be granted 0.5 points, Not necessary to take the lives with your own hands, As long as you are the one who ordered it. You could get more points depending on how strong your enemy is. " He said.

"The characters summoned are completely loyal to me. " I said.

"Granted. " He said.

"Can I ask you for a favor?" I asked.

"Depends, I'm listening." He said.

"Can you please change their appearance a little to be more suitable to GOT?" I asked.

"Makes sense, Next." He answered.

"Third wish, I want to have the strength of Kratos from God of War Series. " I said.

"DENIED!! why don't you one punch a dragon and get it over with? That's just absurd." He said.

"Sword Proficiency and Enhanced Physical Abilities of Hyakkimaru from Dororo. " I said.

"Granted!" He said, He then smiled.

"Let's make a deal" He continued.

"Continue. " I said with interest.

"Since you are going to GOT, I will put a barrier on your brain so that it is impossible to look into it, The Greenseers can't see your past. But you will be banned from bringing your world's weapons and technology to this world, Deal?" He said.

"I accept. I don't want to ruin GOT world anyway " And as I said that, I blacked out.



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