1 I'm Finding My Own Colors.

Harry looked up from his drawing when he heard his name.

" Harry. "

" Hey Marvolo, what's up? "

" What are you drawing today? "

" You. Well to be exact the you that other people don't know about. "

" Huh? What do you mean? "

" The nice and kind you that brought colors into my world silly. " Harry said with a small warm smile.

" I'm not silly. "

" Of course not, how could the big bad dark lord, you-know-who, he-who-must-not-be-named, Voldemort be called silly? " Harry said, his smile getting bigger the more he talked.

" Of course no one else would ever call me silly face to face. " Marvolo said, joining Harry on the couch and bringing him closer and on his lap.

" Oh? So they would call you silly behind your back? "

" I think you are in need of some punishment. " Marvolo said and started a tickle on Harry.

" Hey! Hahahaha… No! Hahahahahaha!… Stop! Marvolo! Come… Hahahahaha! On~ " Harry said between laughter.

" Oh who's silly now? "

" Not… Hahahahaha~ You? Hahahahaha!! Come on… Hahahahahaha Please… Hahahahaha… stop " Harry said looking at Marvolo with teary eyes and a flashed face.

" What's reward do I get? " Marvolo said tickling the most ticklish place on Harry. The neck.

" Noo! Hahahahahahahhahahahaha!! Marvolo! " Harry said and tried to get away from Marvolo.

" Oh no you don't. "

" Nooo~ Hahahaha… How Hahaha about a Hahahaha kiss? "

That finally made Marvolo stop letting Harry catch his breath.

" Seven. "

" Ha… Ha… Ha… Ha, One. "

" Two. "

" Ha… Ha… Ha Five. "

" Ha… Ha… Three and that's final! "

" Hm… Fine. "


" Your birthday is coming up soon, do you have something you want? " Harry asked Marvolo, who was trying so hard to act like he was asleep.

" You. " He said after completely giving up on the act.

" But you already have me? "

" But not you for the 24 hours of my birthday. "

" …I'll die, anything else? " Harry said after pinching Marvolo's handsome and soft face.

" Then how about… a dance? "

" Hmm ok. "


* Marvolo's birthday. *

In the middle of the ballroom you could see two figures swaying to the music with their foreheads together.

" I still want you. " Said Marvolo, looking directly into Harry's emerald eyes.

" You can still have me, just not for 24 hours straight. " Said Harry with a welcoming voice, his eyes also locking with Marvolo's blue with hints of red eyes.

Marvolo's eyes got bright and with a charming and deadly smile, he carried Harry onto his arms in a princess style and rushed to their bedroom.

Five hours later is exactly when they finished up and washed up before Harry decided to stay in bed and rest up, Marvolo joined him.

" Happy Birthday Marvolo, I love you. "

" I love you too, Thank you for coming into my life. "

They then fell asleep with peaceful and warm smiles.


* 10 years later. *

Dear Marvolo;

Things aren't the same now that you aren't around, you know?

Things don't look the same either.

I like the view you brought.

I miss the perspective you made me see the world with.

Back then, everything seemed to look a bit brighter.

Now… Now I'm learning how to find my own colors.

It's hard now that you aren't with me anymore.

Nothing looks the same anymore.

Not even myself.

I don't recognize myself anymore.

But I hope that wherever you are, you are happy.

It's all I ever wanted and wished for you.

But it seems like I won't be the one to give you that happiness.

To see you as happy as I wished you could forever be.

I love you.

I miss you.

Sincerely yours,

Harry Potter-Riddle.


" Master… " Said an older version of Harry with deadly pale skin and bright venomous emerald eyes.

" Death. It has been 12 years since I decided to come to this world right. "

" Yes. "

" I never thought I would find love, Him. "

" He isn't gone you know? "

" I know… but he won't be the same… Plus I think he deserves to live a life without his past life hunting him… Maybe we'll meet each other again… Maybe we won't… "

" Master… "

" It's fine… I'll be fine… " Harry said then he put the letter he wrote on Marvolo's grave.