20 C20 Pet Shopping

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"How much for the wand?" Bruce asks as he can't wait to get out of here and test out his magic.

"This wand was actually my father's greatest masterpiece. I didn't think anyone would ever be able to match it, so I never put a price on it." Garrick shrugs, not knowing how much to ask for.

"How much do you usually sell wands for?" Bruce asks.

"Around 7 to 15 Galleons." He answers after a moment of thought.

Without saying a word, Bruce takes out his pouch of gold and dumps out about 500 Galleons in a big pile on the counter.

"That should be more than enough." Bruce says as he turns to see what looks like wand holsters hanging on the wall.

"This is too much..." Ollivander mutters as he stares at the pile of gold.

"No, it's enough. I'm very happy with my wand so think of it as a tip." Bruce says as he grabs a black wand holster from the wall. "I'll take this as well."

After buying his wand, The three left the shop with a very thankful shop owner seeing them off.

"Alright, I'm late for another meeting with a student, so I'll see you out of Diagon Alley and head off." Professor McGonagall says.

"You can go now, I want to check the pet stores before I leave." Bruce says as he straps his wand holster on his forearm and tucked his new wand under his sleeve.

The holster has a rune for quick deployment, which would shoot the wand into his hand with just a tiny application of his magic, and another to quickly re-holster it.

But there was one more rune that Bruce found to be most important. It's an anti-disarmament spell rune, which blocks the Expelliarmus spell from working while the wand is in its holster.

"Are you sure you know your way around?" Minerva was reluctant to leave them like this.

"It's fine." Bruce says nonchalantly as he tests his holsters runes, shooting his wand into his hand and then re-holstering it with ease. "We've been shopping for a while so I know where I'm going."

"Alright, just stay out of Knockturn Alley. That place is filled with dark wizards and cursed objects. It's not safe." She says and shows them the entrance to the said alley so they don't accidentally go there.

Before saying her goodbyes and apparating away, the stern Professor explained how to get back into the pub they came from. She also gave Bruce written directions on how to get to the train for Hogwarts when the time came.

With that said she disappears in a loud crack right in front of Bruce and Alfred.


Alfred stares at the exact place that Minerva just stood moments ago with his mouth wide open in shock, while Bruce stared in wonder and decided that he would be looking into apparition as soon as possible.

"Alright, let's go." Bruce says as he starts leading the way.

After asking around to some of the more friendly-looking Witches and wizards, Bruce found out that Magical Menagerie is the best pet shop in Diagon Alley, so they saved the best for last.

Touring through the few other pet shops, Bruce found nothing that really caught his eye. He saw some snakes and was bummed to find out that he can't speak to them.

'I guess I'm not related to Slytherin, huh. That's probably for the best though.' Bruce thought as he and Alfred left yet another shop empty-handed.

Bruce never really liked snakes in either life so it wasn't that big of a loss. Even tiny pet snakes that had no venom were too freaky for him to ever think of having as a pet.

Let alone these magical snakes that have all sorts of crazy venom and strength. Magical death noodles... no thanks.

Finally, they arrived at the last pet shop, Magical Menagerie.

As soon as Bruce entered the store, he immediately felt a pull towards the back of the shop, as if something was calling out to him.

"What is that..." Bruce mumbled as he followed that feeling.

"Did you say something, Master Bruce?" Alfred asks but Bruce ignores him and keeps walking.

At the back of the store, there's a very large black cat with a white main that reminds Bruce of a male lion. Laying around her is a litter of kittens. Some were sleeping, others drinking their mother's milk, and the rest were playing around in the pen they were locked in.

Following his feeling, Bruce saw a lone dark grey kitten sleeping all alone away from its mother and siblings.

"See something you're interested in?" Asked a middle-aged man dressed in wizard robes.

"Yes, what breed is that grey kitten?" Bruce points toward the cute kitten.

"Her mother is a Main Coon. She's right over there. Main Coon's are the largest domestic non-magical cat breed in the world." He says and points towards the big black cat.

"The father is a Kneazle. Sadly, we can't have Kneazles in the shop because of their aggression towards certain individuals. Kneazles have an XXX classification by the Ministry of Magic, if they are not interbred with another species, which is why we've done so." He continues.

"They have a very high level of intelligence, are independent and occasionally aggressive, and have an uncanny ability to detect suspicious and untrustworthy people. Kneazles can also safely guard their master's home against intruders. Would you like to purchase her?" He finishes explaining and asks while gesturing towards the sleeping grey cat.

"Yes, can I hold her?" bruce gets a nod and picks up the sleeping kitten, who stays asleep in Bruce's hands. "Does she have a name?"

"No, feel free to name her once she's yours. You two are a good match." The salesman says with a thumbs up and a winning smile.

"No need to convince me. How much?" Bruce asks and immediately pays before anyone else catches a glimpse of this cute little angel.

"Are you shopping for your first year at Hogwarts?" The salesman asks as he takes the gold coins.

"Yeah, this is my last stop on the list." Bruce replies as he looks around the shop for a good collar with his new kitten still sleeping in his hands.

"Would you like a bird for your mail? If you don't have your own, then you will have to use the school's owls." He says, trying to make another sale.

"Hmm, show me what foods I'll need for her, and then I'll take a look at your birds." Bruce says as he grabs a thin black collar with a bell attached to it.

After getting the food and collar sorted, the salesman showed Bruce all of the mail-carrying birds they have. None gave him the same feeling as his new cat, but one certainly stood out to him.

A small white baby owl perched in a cage looked up at him with big round eyes.


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