I'm also your child (Your Royal Majesty!) Book

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I'm also your child (Your Royal Majesty!)


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Instead of casting me off, I was tortured for several month or even more, to the point that I can't even remember how long has it been since I've been taken here. In this underground basement... And the one who got me here was none other than my Cruel Mother... ...My Cruel Mother... This beautiful woman, this Bastard... was standing in the front of me, while I was on my knees. Both of my wrist were tied up tightly, hence were bleeding. My Mother's eyes was expressionless, as if I was an insect in her... No,... It's as if I am nothing to her, whose sword was aimed at my neck. "Mother... Please, stop. I don't want to die... I can't take this anymore, it's hurts..." I called her throughout the pain that I was still feeling. for the first time in my life I've begged my mother. She wanted to kill me... for the sake of the Royal family. a prince needs to sacrifice his life to continue the Bloodline. and I was the chosen one... Why Me? I don't know... But one thing for sure it's because I'm the hated one in the Family, after all. "Mother... I'm also your child... So why, just Why!? What did I even do to make you hate me!? None! I'd never did anything wrong to all of you! But why... Do you have to make me suffer!?... I did tried my best... Just to get your attention but you didn't... I shouldn't have tried all those... Am I even your child?" This rage... has enough to encourage me saying all of that... But what I have said to her that's not even the half of it. Her silence solved it all... She never acknowledged me as her son. My blue eyes which lost its light, stared at her matching with the coldest of her eyes. The fears I had for her is no longer a threat to me. "You can't never be my son..." Her bluntness astounded me... But neither me expected her to say such a good thing. But this made me laugh like a madman in front of her, I don't care anymore since I'll die anyway. "Pfft— Mother... When did I even said I wanted to be your son? For the first time and last time I can finally say this though I'm sad since this will be the last time I will be able to say this— I love you mother, in my body! Fuck you Mother! And hope you die in most brutally way... *Swoosh!* Man... I couldn't even finish my words, she already swung her sword... But Mother did a Nice cut though... ———— *No BL... I'm still improving my grammar and in everything 'Boop:


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