I'm Actually Not Overpowered!

Getting caught up in another world, especially the same kind as your favorite Novel, sounds all fun and sweet... … Until it's not! As an avid Weeb, this wasn't how Samuel expected his Transmigrated life to turn out. Completely removed from the comfortable life he once knew, this ‘modern guy' finds himself in a fantasy world that is in polar contrast with what he had imagined. His mission? Kill the Demon God and bring the world to peace! It sounds so easy, right? Too bad his new life isn't as grand as he expected. 'Now that it has come to this, there's only one thing left to do...' Gather as many allies as he can on his grand quest. "I'm not Overpowered, but... no one has to know that, right?" Watch as Samuel Peterson, a seemingly ordinary guy, overcomes his tribulation in a place where everyone relies on him and actually believes he is their only hope. An epic Kingdombuilding Misunderstanding Story awaits you! ______________________________ {A/N: Please check Auxiliary Chapters for information on Characters. Original Character Artworks will be made available on the Discord Server, so please do well to join.} https://discord.gg/yMPNRURZJh ~Thanks!~ _______________________________ As the Theme dictates, this is a Kingdom Building Novel, and one that has character progression. Even though the MC is as weak as possible (initially), it does not affect the story negatively. In fact, it's actually the opposite. Just read a few chapters and you'll be convinced. This is a fun book. I certainly hope you enjoy it and support the Novel. Since I'm in a contest, please help me to win. Thanks!

Magecrafter · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
234 Chs

The Moment Where Everything Starts To Fall Apart [Pt 1]


An unsettling purple mist suddenly appeared in a vast wasteland.

The desert lands were riddled with distortion, and within darkness was an expanse—enough to fit an adult person.

As space warped, and the fine line of reality blurred, an entity was spat out of the purplish-dark energy.

He had dark hair, was bipedal, with little to no distinguishing features. In essence, he was a human.

The human came out of the wormhole in elegance, surprisingly. He secured a proper landing, kneeling on one foot while placing his fist on the ground as he raised his head to perceive his surroundings.

"Haaa..." A soft sigh escaped his parted lips as his blue eyes took in the vast emptiness that surrounded him.

Other than the dreadfully bleak wilderness, there was nothing present for miles. The scorching sun shone harshly on the land, and the ground's cracked surface sizzled with heat.

Sands. Earth. Nothing more could be seen for a long distance.