Nexa, City

On a stormy night, a guy could be seen lying bloodied from all areas of his body there are dozens of broken bone, burned and scraped flesh and skin wearing all tattered clothes obviously had experienced a rough beating.

"Looks like this was how I'm gonna die after all." he said to himself thinking back about the past things he have been through.

His rough childhood in an orphanage getting bullied and beaten up everyday.

His middle school life where he had only a single friend, who have helped him many times and yet he left him for a girl who just used him to get high grades since all she need was good enough score to pass the test on various magic academies.

And now instead of going to a magic academy he pursued being a material and ingredient trader to earn him money to have a good a descent life but yet he got caught up in a shady deal that cost him his life.

After a few minutes he was already almost in his last breath but suddenly a strong force of energy suddenly awakened inside of him.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! Dammit...."

A sudden burst of memories flocked to his brain because of the mysterious energy that suddenly erupted.

An almost completely new being returned from it's slumber.

"Shitt just what kind of stupid life did I just pursue? I Azer'ahn the strongest god of the middle haven and yet...did I just wanted to became some sort of a street vendor..??!!what utter disgrace....INSOLEENCCEEE!!!!"

He shouted so loud in his mind yet in actuality his body was already so weak that he might have already die just a few minutes ago if he hasn't awaken something inside him that gave him enough energy to certain his heart beat giving him a few more minutes to live.

"Ahhhhhhh...I'm really so pissed of right now if that bastard hasn't disturb my seclusion and successful trained that technique, I could have finally ascend to central haven and became a celestial right now and I might not have undergone this fucking rebirth cycle and what's so trashy about this was I'm reborn on an unknown world dammit ...

If I hadn't just awoken my original memories a few minutes ago and I could have already died as a fucking mortal. I swear this time.. that If I managed to return there no one can stop me this time, You piece of shits you better prepare for your demise!!! „

As he was cursing everything that happened his body had undergone another seizure..

"Ahhhh... this goddamned all skin and bones body of mine... just aadding to my frustration right now. even though my soul reached the level of a peak Soul God if there's no truly formed heaven's eye I can't have access to reincarnation with memories intact, completely erasing my existence since my God level soul cultivation will became some payment dammnn this is the first time that I'm completely facing death shittt...

He tried to stand up or at least move in a sitting position yet his body was already too weak to do anything.

After knowing his condition he didn't forced Himself to do anything anymore for now and tried to feel what type of energy was inside this mortal world called earth while his lying in his own blood.

He tried to completely fuse the memories of the past years and his old memories of his previous body to fully gain knowledge about this world.

"Owwhh this is interesting, A type of origin energy which could enhance the body and soul they called it mana is it good...good...Hahahahaha....Looks like this isn't too bad after all, though the heaven's eyes hasn't truly formed yet so there are only few type of elemental dao and there's no dao of death, life, time, creation and other high level and supreme dao, though there's the dark and light dao though It's really hard to gain comprehension about it in this world but it's still comparable to mid grade mortal world which isn't really bad and there's also a bit of dao of space, even though I have complete mastery over it to make a domain It won't have abilities but lt would not be a problem for me to travel through space for a few thousands of kilometers but I would really need a much sturdy body that can't be destroyed by the pressure of space."

" Still, I can gain a much better foundation if I restart my cultivation and follow this world's cultivation path which was...I think at least thrice better compared to my previous one since the stages are much more complicated because of it's high number, so I think it proves the mortals here have quite high intelligence.

Maybe In the next thousands of years people here could try ascending already, With this I won't need to do that damn tortuous technique just to enhance the foundation of my body and soul to ascend to central haven, though it might take a bit longer to ascend to higher world compared to my previous mortal body which only took me a century and some decades which was really short compared to all geniuses who also ascended in the middle haven but this time would really be different since I'm starting with a divine supreme grade cultivation and breathing technique right of the bat I won't even need a century to ascend that if I could use this technique to cultivate with mana ."

As he was lost in another batch of daydreaming session he suddenly cough off some blood maybe because another seizure occurred inside his body

"Shitt...My body started to ache again..Though it doesn't seems really bad...It's already been too long that I almost forgot how this feels...

I can't believe I'll experience this again in a mortal body damnn itt..."

"Wait.. Do I have a technique that I could use to heal my body right now?... Maybe I could use my comprehension of the dao of light to heal my body but the drawbacks made me unable to walk for a month because of not having a cultivation base."

He was still lying on the bloodied grasses and stones as he was contemplating all of this things...

"No... I'll just supress my injuries for a couple of hours with the use of dao of light maybe I could atleast walk away from this forest and look for some help or look for healing potions but ...shitttt... the thought of asking for help made me feel puking some blood right now... I'm a goddamnnn goddd... an untouchable supreme being!!!"

After a few minutes of fuming and venting all his frustrations..

"Calm down azer'ahn.... Your pride would cost you your life right now. There might be some beings with enough power to kill you right now if you stick out too much you'll definitely get hammered.

Think of all your memories as a mortal in the past, imagine your just back to being one, but just don't forget your dignity as a god besides your a mortal named Blake right now."

After a few minutes he was able to calm down and start meditating to be able to have some proper peace of mind to try sorting out his thoughts even though he was currently in some unknown part of the forest.

In exactly almost an hour after regaining his memories he immediately journeyed back to the city.

Luckily No beast have tried to get in his way because of his God soul level energy fluctuations enough to frighten all beasts below tier 8 and even kill those beasts below tier 4 with just simple soul techniques though he could kill some high level beasts with his full powered soul techniques, but using too much of his God level soul cultivation would alert the heaven's eyes and might smite him with lightning tribulation since his God soul could be a possible threat for it and a good appetizer for it at the same time.

After a few hours of walking through the forest he encountered some people though there levels are just on apprentice or adept rank magic cultivator which are hunting for tier two and three beast near the boundary of the outskirts and mid region he hasn't paid attention to them though he had thoughts on plundering their potions, yet he changed his mind for some unknown reason and just continue his way out of the forest since he was already able to heal himself after ingesting the herb he saw which is a high medicinal energy herb which in his memory called a level 2 herb blood grass which are normally used for increasing the physic of some low level contracted beasts of course he also suffered great deal of pain as a drawback for casually eating eat with his tattered body.

Yet.. Suddenly as he was almost out of the forest he heard some noise and screams in a nearby cave which no one was supposed to be able to hear because of a concealment and sound proofing device surrounding the caves entrance all thanks to his super high soul cultivation making his senses on par with some of the strongest power house of the planet even though he decided to seal a huge portion of it since normally his senses could encapsulated the whole world with it ..

He immediately tried to go see what's happening inside but what he saw really shocked him..