265 I Think You’re Insulting Me

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Time gradually passed.

It was now night time again.

Li Nianfan was resting in the room. He did not fall asleep. Instead, he was waiting because he knew they would arrive at the destination tonight.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

As expected, there was the sound of knocking. Swiftly after, Qin Manyun's gentle voice was heard, "Mr. Li, are you asleep?"

"Not yet."

Li Nianfan opened the door. "We've arrived?"

"Hmm, we have. Mr. Li, would you like to have a look at the deck?"

After spending time together for so long, Qin Manyun had slowly begun to understand the thinking of the expert. He was living in vacation mode. He liked to look at the view and to enjoy life.

Li Nianfan smiled. "Since we're here, of course."

With that, he walked out from the room toward the deck.

Yao Mengji and the rest were waiting for him there. They greeted politely, "Mr. Li."

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