62 A Licking Dog!

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Li Nianfan led Yao Mengji and Qin Manyun back to his four-part architecture.

Outside the door, Yao Mengji stared at the couplet for quite a while, as if he was caught into it. His mouth was letting out sighs and exclamations of awe from time to time which boosted Li Nianfan's superficial ego greatly!

Although this old man seemed sloppy and unruly, he knew what a good piece of art was!

Meanwhile, Xiao Bai had already opened the door. "Master, welcome home."

Yao Mengji jumped in shock, but he covered it up by stroking his white beard. "Mr. Li, I've heard about this from Manyun. This Spiritual Machine is called Xiao Bai?"

'Whatever, call it a Spiritual Machine as you please!'

Li Nianfan was not bothered to explain. He simply nodded. "Yeah, it's called Xiao Bai. He can open the door and do some house chores."

Do some house chores?

Yao Mengji's eyes twitched slightly. 

'If you ever give it to me, I'd worship it like my Grandma!'

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