25 Interlude: The Academy

Demigrace Academy, an academy for geniuses all over the world was located on a small island south of mainland England, near the golf of France and Italy. This small island didn't belong to any country in particular and hence the academy was open to all students as long as they were special. Students from all over the world flocked in this academy for two reasons. One, the headmaster was the strongest man on the planet, and two, adventure.

When it was first founded sixty years ago, the founding headmaster only said two things. "Be free." Because of this notion, the students often turned to delinquents and no one stopped them: no one could. And most of these delinquents ended up becoming criminals in the future.

The founding headmaster and his chosen bureau of teachers were people who didn't care about society in the least. This island was their own world, so nothing else mattered to them. And the headmaster being an ex-criminal himself didn't help the cause.

With more and more Kin variants awakening all over the world, and as more and more Mutors ravaged through humanity, things didn't look that great for the world. And to top it up, when criminals of the highest calibers came out of the academy and ravaged the world some more, chaos intensified everywhere. Of course, no one could do anything about it. Just one or two nations weren't powerful enough to control a group of humanity's strongest Kin's anyway.

Being the global leader, it didn't stop America. But when America tried to nuke this island, three of its states mysteriously disappeared from the map, further enhancing the chaos. The world was forced to let the Demigrace Academy run free.

Of course, that wasn't all. Some students were genuinely giving it their all for society and trying to make it a better place: so were some teachers. One of these particular students was infuriated with the decisions of the headmaster. This student- Andrew Simon took it upon himself to end the headmaster's reign and make the school a better place. He was the fourth generation of Demigrace academy and one of the strongest of his generation.

There was a tradition set by the headmaster that whoever should win the third year inter-school championship and rank in the top three in international waters, would be granted a special wish from the headmaster himself.

Simon, was confident in his ability but even for him, winning against the international community was no joke. Besides, he never liked lightsabers anyway. Why must men swing so primitive things? That was his thought and he believed it. But he did realize that it was necessary for him to win no matter what. And to a guy who never even thought of wielding a sword ever, this was definitely a great challenge and obstacle.

And for that, he and his friends made up the first lightsaber club, trained each other, and fought in the school tournament. He came out first and went to the nationals. It wasn't easy; no it was one of the hardest weeks of his life. But he returned triumphant securing second place. He was the pride of the academy and the headmaster.

"What do you want?" The headmaster said, smiling brightly. The old man had a long slithery beard and he was also rather fit for his age.

It was an assembly of the whole student body and it was also time to be rewarded. All the students looked at him with awe and jealousy. But they all knew he deserved this.

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Simon bowed like a noble bowing before his king. He glared fiercely. "Your position." He spoke loud and clear.

The headmaster took a step back. "What?"

Murmurs echoed throughout the grand hall and the teachers went pale.

"I want to be the new headmaster," Simon spoke again and stood up with pride.

Some say the headmaster yielded his seat. Some say there was chaos that day in the academy and a fight of the century.

But one thing, all would agree and that was, on that very day Andrew Simon took the position of the headmaster and set down three rules. First, there would be a new disciplinary committee to oversee crime in the school. Second, no one would be able to wish for the position of the headmaster ever again. And third, all girls would have to wear short skirts in summer.

Andrew Simon, the second headmaster of the Demigrace Academy, was the very reason why the world as we knew it, stabilized but, he was also a pervert. Everyone learned it that day, the hard way.

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