31 Interlude: A special guest?

Annebell Rose, was the daughter of a late court judge. Her father cherished justice and died protecting that justice. And she inherited it, vowing to make this cruel society- the same society that took her father away- a better place.

The world was a cruel place. After the great crash, laws, and authority were ignored, and when humans themselves were being hunted, what was the point of sticking to morality?

As time passed humans developed powers for themselves and for once they weren't presented the threat of extinction. Things began to stabilize. But this didn't repair the damage that was already done. And controlling society with powers was harder than ever. So a convict killing the judge and escaping wasn't unheard of.

And yet, there always selfless people devoting themselves for society and maintaining the balance, Rose's father was one and so was Rose.


All through middle school Rose preached good behavior in campus and made small campaigns with fellow classmates. Of course, she was mostly ignored but she didn't mind that. She was bullied but she stood right back up. She didn't give anyone a chance. She knew what justice was and she wanted it to spread.

When she first came to Saint Demigrace Academy, she was shocked at how much the students were free. The teachers did nothing and the prefects, as well as the disciplinary committee, just maintained the bare minimum. Even killing students weren't punished that severely. This academy was famous for its preaching of being free but this was insane.

There were so many things that infuriated her and there were also so many things that she knew she had to do. She knew she could make this place better. She had to.

She started off by volunteering for the disciplinary committee and learn how things worked for herself.

She stumbled at every step but she didn't give up. She kept going. She didn't stop and she didn't regret.

Within time she learned how things and by the end of the year she achieved so much that the senior teacher Mrs. Hermone gave her the position of the leader of the prefects. It was an arduous position and she was new. But one thing was for certain, she was one step closer to the ideal society she had in mind.

If she could change a place like this, then she could change the entire world. And this was just a step towards that. Her goal was big and idiotic, and yet, her smile was radiant.

But even on the first day, there was trouble. Of course, she anticipated as much but what about the second day? And then the third? And not to mention by the same student?

'What is wrong with him?' Rose lay in her bed, thinking about a certain student. That student was a freshman and yet, he was almost as much a troublemaker as Blaze Battlesuin. Blaze, she could understand, as Battlesuins' always tended to be troublesome but the freshman too? Maybe circumstances led to all three events but what were the odds? Three incidents back to back by the same individual? That couldn't be a coincidence, now could it?

'And what's with that attitude?' She was on her stomach and squirmed around the bed helplessly.

It's been only three days and she was already spent. She made up new rules and tried various new things but this academy just looked like the same academy it was last year. Actually, maybe a little worse.

With a sigh, she looked at her Holo. It was close to nine. In an hour, the curfew would start. She was already sleep-deprived but this job took whatever little sleep she used to enjoy right out of her life.

"Lady Annebell. You have a visitor." With a knock, one of the prefects made her presence known. She didn't come into the room and just stayed outside.

'At this hour?'


"Damn it all!" Blaze broke the table lamp with a punch and sat down on the bed with a thud.

He had a separate mansion all to himself and his girls, so no one would have complained of noise if nothing else. Battlesuins' were like royalty and though rules and regulations stated that royalty would stay in dorms too, the Battlesuin's were exempt from his rule. The reason? They'd injure other students and possibly end up killing them.

Sometimes governments tried to stop these kinds of rampages. But as weak as governments were these days they couldn't do anything. Not to mention there was a common saying on the streets, 'touch a Battlesuin and the whole family will come an'getcha'.

Two hands spread around Blaze's neck and a breath reached his nape. "Don't worry, you'll have your fun." She whispered in a hushed playful voice. She hugged Blaze tightly from behind and kissed his nape.

As irritated as Blaze was, even he couldn't say no. "He thinks he has a chance." He snorted. "Maybe going easy on him was a good idea after all." Of course, he was a little delusional. He did go easy on Helio yesterday, but today, he was serious. Maybe he was a little too infuriated to think it through.

"Now, now," the girl fingered Blaze's hair. "He's no match for you." Her words were like poison, but to Blaze they were honey.

Blaze flashed a grin and kissed her. She kissed him back. Time passed.

Approximately half an hour later, only minutes after the two finished, there was a loud knock on the door.

"Yes?" Blaze answered, a little irritated.

"Master," the servant began. "You have a guest."

Blaze looked at the artifact of a clock on the wall and noticed it was almost nine. "At this hour?"

It was rare for him to have anyone over other than his girls even during the day let alone at night.


An hour before nine, four people were in the infirmary. One was the injured and one was the nurse. The other two were friends of the injured. The injured being Merin Astroio.

"I never thought you of all people would come to my rescue," Merin began. He was awfully quiet all this time. Maybe he was sorting his thoughts or perhaps he was just surprised? Perhaps a mixture of both.

"Well," Helio looked straight at him. "I kind of broke my word and told you about Natasha so, so I took responsibility for my blunder."

The nurse and Natasha were both quiet.

The look on Nat's face was somewhere between a sob and a grin. Maybe even she didn't know what she was feeling. But if anything she was relieved and a little uncertain about the future.

All this clash and spilling of blood was for her sake. She couldn't just stop feeling guilty. And yet, no one faulted her. Actually, no one even mentioned anything. And it only made her feel worse.

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"But boy, I never thought you had it in you, man. I always thought you were some nonchalant guy who didn't care all that much about these things." Helio laughed.

"I dunno. Maybe I am that guy. But-" He paused and took a look at Nat. "But this time, I felt I like I had to change."

"Good for you. This is taking too long, so I'll head back." Helio looked at the nurse. "Will he be able to return to the dorm tonight?"

"No. He has to stay here for at least a day and then rest for the rest of the week."

"Don't worry. I'll be here with him." Natasha didn't look at either of them. She couldn't.

Merin was hurt pretty badly, so this wasn't surprising.

"Alright, night." Helio turned around and didn't look back.

"Thanks-" Natasha and Merin said in unison. They were completely in sync for once.

Helio's lips curled upwards and formed a grin but he just raised his arm up a little and bade both goodbye.

He was somewhat injured too. Or rather, his clothes were. The uniform he was wearing had seen better days and perhaps the thought of screwing up his uniform was eating him alive more than anything else.

'What the hell am I supposed to tell mom!?'

He was also panicking a little inside too.

He agreed to the duel in the spur of the moment but what now? He didn't have a sword and he didn't have his uniform. He couldn't just run back to the club either.

But just outside the nurse's office someone waited for him, quite like the first day. But perhaps not quite so. As this, someone was a guy instead of a girl. And a prefect no less..

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