I'm a Stingray?
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I'm a Stingray?


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What is I'm a Stingray?

I'm a Stingray? is a popular web novel written by the author MisterE05, covering Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 1.2M readers with an average rating of 4.16/5 and 50 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 228 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


"The Hell!? Why am I underwater?" [System reboot] [Loading...] [I'm your ocean survival system, you are my servant] [Feed me points, and I'll show you the secrets of survival with the aid of body upgrades] "Oh for the love of..." ... If you love this story and want extra chapters, please vote with your power stones! Normal update schedule: 14 chapters/week. 200 power stones = +2 bonus chapters in the following week. 300 power stones = +3 bonus chapters in the following week. 500 power stones = +5 bonus chapters in the following week. 1,000 power stones = +10 bonus chapters in the following week. ... Join this novel's official discord server: https://discord.gg/XnygQ3pBFA ... Original cover is owned by the marvelous artist, HalfwayDecentDrawing

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I just want to point out, that one of the last things I expected to find, was a stingray reincarnation novel. I have no clue if it’s good or bad, but we need more such unique works. I hope it’s good and will reach top100


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Author goes premium after 20-ish chapters, lol? Writing seems okay for now and plot is original enough. MC gives rebelleious/annoying teenager vibes but explained by low IQ that can eventually be upgraded so character growth and better personality may be a thing. Did not read enough to determine if worth spending my stones on. Novels typically go premium after 70-100 chapters.


So good plzz Keep writing 😊 wo***************************************************************************************************************************wwwww


The real score: 4/5 Well, I wasn't expecting this. A system novel that is set out to mock the system Novel model. You would probably think that this is like spider or slime where theirs magic and stuff. But no, the upgrades that our unwitting protagonist gets are along the lines of "better poison" or "deep pressure fins." Yea, he doesn't get super powers. This is a bad situation and he's trying to m, well not make the best of it and more survive it. To give you an idea, health is regenerated slowly, by resting and letting wounds close. Also eating. Eating is important. Heck, the guy isn't even isekaied, he's off the coast of Italy. And since he's in the ocean, we have no idea of the time period. So anything can happen in the future. While also being so restrictive, because the protagonist is only a stingray.


Boredom personified. I read this on my alt just to get a good grasp on the story. So far (15 Chapters) it's literally just a fucking sting ray that can't evolve. That's it, that is the only thing unique about it's entire plot. He does get passive upgrades and stuff like that but he's still just a fucking sting ray. Writing Quality- 3 Simply mediocre; no beautiful sentence structure or truly grasping words. Nothing of that sorts Updates- Frequent Story Development-0, None; it's just a stingray that's underwater. All it does is be a stingray and acquire upgrades. Character Design- 0, Literally none There's literally no development, no prior information nothing that can let us formulate even a fucking fandom wiki page for MC. World Background- It's literally just fucking underwater.


Wait is he deadass just a stingray? Does this story have evolution in it or Does he just get older? Im on Like chapter 20 I think and i enjoy the story its just kinda boring but it isnt bad tho


Just ignore this review, i do it just bcs i wanna see the rating up and having more people know it, also bcs of one of author s previous work which has over 1 mil words (if i m right), which i believe should get more attention i didn t say is good, didn t say is bad, but just for the effort i really believe more people should check it out, it has the same amount of reviews as this novel despite having like, double views, which is a shame, heard the plot is really good on that one Well i would ve said something about this novel too but i didn t read it, i don t plan to either as it goes prem at chapter 20 and is just too few chapters for me, no offence, also i don t complain as i saw what the author said about it, well it is what it is, as i said above u can just ignore this review, i m just a random person who wants effort to be rewarded, more or less


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Reveal spoiler


This is interesting the author picked a creature that is not usually going to be chosen. The story so far is ok. The only issue is the MC is angry at the System when it is trying to help him. Other than that it is a good read.


An interesting concept for a system story and definitely a fresh read if you are sick to death of face slapping and MCs who are suddenly cultivation gods, master craftsmen, and unbeatable fighters. The descriptions of most of ocean’s creatures seem to be accurate and researched. The combat is descriptive and easy to follow, yet still paced well enough to remain exciting. The dialogue is good and the main character is likable. Nice usage of side-characters as well. Updates regularly and the author is responsive in comments. I gave good marks all around. Only constructive criticisms would be some minor pronoun mistakes once in awhile that makes one or two paragraphs a little confusing, but it only occurs A couple times. Would definitely recommend. 🤘


I'll be honest, I didn't like the MC word usage and method of speaking but otherwise it made sense for his IQ level, which gave it realism vibe


This is the third novel I’ve seen so far about turning into fishies. I can turn into a fish Super electric eel avatar And this. All also have a system that allow evolution and body upgrade


So far this is a very good and interesting book. it is cool to see this kind of story. the only problem I have is that it doesn’t update enough lol


this is my first review I really enjoyed reading this beautiful piece of art this is just nothing like I've ever seen before.Overall I hope you enjoy your reading experience with this because I surely did.


the story is good so far but there is some chapter that I need to re-read again at a certain part because I don't understand, but I only read around 40? and English is my second language so my writing is meh sorry


I've read all the free chapters when I make this review. Although I'm not a big fan of a system-themed story, but I can't understand how the author deserves all these bullies omg. It's written well enough to be understood, it's descriptive, and it's constantly rewritten. This is definitely worth a shot, guys.


Not bad, it's just a little bit....interesting? The writing style doesn't really do it for me, so while it is a fine book, I will not be reading anymore of it.


This story is very unique and a system more based on the ocean is great, it isn't your typical system novel where it grants the mc powers and become op quickly. Other characters/sea animals are great and the mc is like a child in the beginning for new readers so don't let the personality of a 29 day old baby stingray stop reading because the character does develop with age and higher iq. Good thing I found this gem rather quickly.


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