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Ken Ross your average high school novelist and especially nerd Being in love with the lore of stories, shows, games, and many other things, he decided to review novels online After some unfortunate event, he met the student council president who asked him to review a story she had made about a boy in high school gaining a beautiful harem As for how he rated it? "1.5 stars! first of all, I hate harems, second, you have to make it actually believable, not exactly but mostly! you need to learn how to write stories because this is absolute trash!" "Oh yeah, then show me how good you can make a story" "Heh I'm a romance pro, I'm going to make you cry from my romance story!" "Hmph I didn't mean in a book" "what?" "Let's see you make a romance story in your real-life since you know all about romance" "Huh!? fine! I'll show you a 5-star rated story!" -------------------- THE COVER IS NOT MINE


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