1 Ambassador Of Calculus

Addison's P.O.V:

"Don't need permission

Made my decision

To test my limits

Cause it's my business

God as my witness

Start what I finished

Don't need no hold up

Taking control of

This kind of moment

I'm locked and loaded

Completely focused

My mind is open

All that you got

Skin to skin

Oh my god

Don't you stop, boy

Somethin' 'bout you

Makes me feel like a dangerous woman

Somethin' 'bout

Somethin' 'bout

Somethin' 'bout you

Makes me wanna do things that I shouldn't

Somethin' 'bout

Somethin' 'bout

Somethin' 'bout

Nothing to prove and

I'm bullet proof and

Know what I'm doing

The way we're moving

Like introducing

Us to a new thing

I wanna savor

Save it for later

The taste of flavor

Cause I'm a taker

Cause I'm a giver

It's only nature

I live for danger

All that you got

Skin to skin

Oh my god

Don't you stop, boy

Somethin' 'bout you

Makes me feel like a dangerous woman

Somethin' 'bout

Somethin' 'bout

Somethin' 'bout you

Makes me wanna do things that I shouldn't

Somethin' 'bout

Somethin' 'bout

Somethin' 'bout..."

"Me," someone says in my ear.

I let out a shriek, one that I've never let out before.

Well, not really though.

My head snaps back to the person who almost scared me to death.

Well, I should be used to this kind of thing. It happens all the time.

But I'm not.

"Ryan! You douche! You know how I am about interrupting me!" I screech.



I am in school right now. I'm waiting for the ambassadors' meeting. As I do that, I'm in the music room, playing the piano while singing.

Still confused?

Let me back up further:

My name is Addison Soda Rawlins. Yes, Soda. Even if I'm not a huge fan of the goddamn beverage, it's my name; deal with it.

Besides, the meaning goes way deeper than just that.

Ambassadors' meeting?

Well, if you have to know, our school has a representative for every compulsory subject and I'm one of them.

No big deal.

Okay, that's a lie, it's a huge deal!

Every year, the school pays for a three-week trip during the summer to New York.

It's totally for academic reasons though and only a handful from each level, plus the ambassadors, get to go.

Being an ambassador gives you an all access pass to such things in this school.

There are also these after school weekly meetings. For some reason, they need to happen. I don't really know what exactly we talk about, but we laugh a lot.

Sure, it's a lot of pressure, but I work best under pressure and I handle stress well.


I have the best stress reliever; music. Though sometimes I just do it for fun.

In our school, of course, like any other school, there's that hierarchy of popularity; the head cheerleader, the varsity quarterback and all those high school clichés.

But then there are the ambassadors. You have to know all of them if you plan on getting into trouble a lot. If they see you, you're a goner. Straight to the principal's office with you. We don't have a specific uniform or anything, just dress like everyone else to blend in. We're like Santa's little helpers; the principal, Mr. Carter, is Santa in this case.

And, for the lit trip to New York, the ambassadors choose who goes and who doesn't. Today's meeting was for exactly that.

We were to choose 150 students to take with us. That's the largest number the school has ever paid for.

There's also the fact that anyone can be an ambassador and once you're chosen you can't get off the hook until you step down with a valid reason, graduate or are demoted for misconduct.

I have been an ambassador since the beginning of my sophomore year. It was really easy to get the post.

Okay, another lie.

I worked my ass off to get that title.

The first sophomore to ever become an ambassador. They were always juniors and seniors but I changed that.

The first ever sophomore to be the calculus ambassador, that's me.

I had to work so hard to know calculations that are way ahead of me in my freshman year.

I'm currently the first junior to hold the ambassador of calculus title. It usually went to seniors because, well, it is calculus.

And there's no one in school who doesn't know these facts.

Even though I'm really popular, I'm not the evil Do-What-I-Want-Or-Else cheerleader type, I'm just... me.

Now that I'm done with school stuff, let me tell you a little something about me.

I'm a really social person.

I love making new friends and I think there is nothing better in this world.

My parents are owners of an architecture firm that has branches all over the world.

You can imagine how many ballroom events I've been to.

I have traveled a lot and have many friends all over the face of the planet.

And my phone is filling up with contacts.

They are all really nice people and even better friends.

My parents love music.

The are the people who made me fall in love with music.

Okay, let me go a bit more basic...

My favorite color is anything close to red.

My favorite food is french fries. I know that's not really food, but I know someone who's favorite food is ramen sooo...

I'd kill for coffee and I despise any form of exercise except ballet.

Is that even a form of exercise?

Anyway, I don't know what else to mention.

I hope I've backed up enough.

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