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I'll Risk It


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[PAUSED DUE TO SCHOOL] "Hey Addie, you okay?" he asks, closing the door behind him. "Yeah, I'm fine," I say letting out tired sigh, still staring at the ceiling. "Right, and I'm The Rock," he said sarcastically as he sat next to me. "Wow, you know me too well," I said sitting up and facing him. ... "Why do yo do all this for me? Why do-" he cuts me off but this time, not with words. With a kiss. ********************************************************************* Addison Cola Reynolds, your average teen. Trying to find herself and keep her heart intact in the process. Incredibly selfless and wise beyond her age. Simple, humble and ambassador at her school. She's known the school's playboy since childhood but never been good friends. When her heart is broken once more, he becomes incredibly sweet and Addison is forced to look at him in a different light. Her life crumbles and he helps her to piece it back together. Will she hold herself back from giving out her heart again? Or will she risk it? ************************************************************* Story available on Wattpad. Hope you enjoy!


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