1 Prologue

This is a story based on a forced marriage of the son of a well known business man - Kavin , with a girl - Iniya. The boy has always dreamt of a well settled life with a modern and talented life partner but she is not . So he started hating the girl from the core of his heart but she behaved kind towards him , despite his ruthless behavior.

The latter brings them closer into a strong relationship..

The story here starts with Kavin fighting with his dad and went out of the house to get relaxed . So he went to Mumbai but he got into a trouble there . Kavin hitted an old man and the man was hospitalized and soon dead. He was dragged to the old man's village by the village people . He told it was an accident but they didn't paid heed to him and decided to punish him . He told he'll surrender to police but they said the old man's granddaughter is now alone and that's because of him , so he had to marry her or they'll kill him . They threatened him . Finally , he married the girl and came back to Delhi with her. He was scared about his family's decision . He went home with her..

Kavin Raichand , son of a reputed family . His dad is among the top business men in India . He is 29 years old . He doesn't want to marry but his father persuaded him to marry someone soon . He lost the battle and fought with his dad . He left his home in anger and reached Mumbai to spend some days.. but everything changed there.

Iniya , a village girl . lives with her grandfather. He died a few days ago and she was broken . Her village people decided to marry her to the person who killed her grandfather. She tried to refuse , but her villagers didn't allowed her to speak . She got married to the same person and left to Delhi with him.

Will they find love for eachother ? Will they be able unite ? Will they accept eachother ?

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