I'll do anything to grab my wish [Hiatus] Book

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I'll do anything to grab my wish [Hiatus]


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Roland, a retired soldier died in an old age like an ordinary human. In a space between world, he met a god that ask him, do you want to go to heaven or reincarnate to another world? ,roland just want a quiet and peaceful live so he ask god about what he want. but unfortunately he got reincarnated and genderbend with 3 wish and system, well she is to lazy to become OP character but she will do anything to grab her wish that is a quiet and peaceful live. maybe in that journey she will ascend and become a goddess English is my 2nd language and this is my first book so please, give me your guidance, thank you. The picture is not mine so please if the creator want to remove it from here please tell me. Release 1/week well its up to motivation & inspiration too. https://discord.gg/tWyTTt


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