1 Chapter 1 Reincarnated [Edited]

Roland, a retired soldier died in an old age "exactly at 75" like an ordinary human. In a space between worlds, he met a god that asks him, do you want to go to heaven or reincarnate to another world? , Roland just wants a quiet and peaceful life so he asks god about what he want. But he didn't know some world was blown up by the gods, because the gods make some mistake and make on the wheel of reincarnation unbalanced.

God: You are finally awake, welcome!! "With a loud noise"

Roland: Where am I? Who are you?

God: I am a god and this is a space between so many worlds

Roland: How did I end up here? Did I die?

Gods: yes that's right, and you die of old age, and because your deed in your previous live that ward many disasters, you get many good karma. Therefore I give you 2 choices, you can choose to go to heaven and live peacefully forever or you can choose to be reincarnated in another world. Now choose, because your choices will determine your future and your destiny.

I want to go to heaven and live forever. I want to go to heaven and live forever. That's what he thinks in his head, but before Roland can ask about it, the god was interrupted by one of his subordinates.

"God subordinates told the gods that Roland had to be reincarnated in another world to fill the gap in the wheel of destiny. The god agreed, because the gap in the wheel of destiny was partly his fault."

God: unfortunately you must reincarnate to fill the gap and rearrangement in the wheel of reincarnation in that particular universe I'm really sorry to inform you about that.

Roland: you can't do this to me, god!!, you earlier said that I can choose, why now you change it!!??.

God: I'm sorry, as a compensation I'll give you 3 wishes, but unfortunately you can't choose what world you will be reincarnated & your appearance will be random, you can be male, female or androgynous, even you can become android, monster, human, demi-human and much more.

With an unpleasant aura, Roland had no choice, so he asked the god to let him think for a moment, in order to achieve what I wanted was a peaceful and peaceful life, I had to choose carefully.

After thinking for a while, Roland finally made a decision, his first wish was to create something without limits anywhere & anytime from zero, the second wish was that he wanted to customize inanimate objects without limits anywhere & anytime, and his last wish was to transform animate objects anything without limitations anywhere & anytime. Because it's convenient to have it.

God: your wish is too powerful for your current soul so I'll add a limitation for now and as a bonus, I'll give you a system to become your companion in your long journey. The system can also help you alleviate the limitation and help you to become strong, maybe in the future you can ascend and become a god like me.

Roland: aaarrrghghgh, its hurt, what have you done to me gods?

System synchronization start 10%, 30%, 70%..., 100%, system successfully synchronize with host

Roland: Roland is rather displeased, but what can he do in that situation so he just accepts it. And the light has just come right to him from the god and Roland finally reincarnate to that particular world.

Around 9 o'clock in the morning in a In abandoned buildings devoid of life in a broken city that infested with monster with almost none human that can survive some light come and drop Roland in there.

Roland: oh shit, what kind of world is this god? , Why you sent me into this damn apocalyptic world?. I just want a quiet and peaceful life, I don't want to fight in a battle again, wait, my voice why it's become a girl's voice??.

System: Hello, hello, hello can you hear me? Testing 1,2,3 H.E.L.L.O

Roland: oh, hello, wait not that. Please don't shout in my head! I can hear you clearly.

System: oh, so there is no trouble with the synchronization, hello host I'm your system that will accompany you in your journey and help you grab your wish. This humble system contain, status, shop, mission, map, Gacha, inventory. Well, be careful with the mission part because sometime god will give you an absurd difficulty mission that can humiliate or kill you so please accept the mission carefully.

Roland: oh thanks system and why I become a girl in this wretched world? And what kind of world is this? damn, I have so many questions.

System: well you reincarnated in Enalin "the world name" or you can say an apocalyptic world, well in short if you want to know, because some foolish human do some dangerous experiment anywhere to seek evolution and power of immortality as a final goal, this world is full of mutant, zombie, parasite, and monster sometime you can even meet unknown or unidentified life form. This world is a fantasy world so there is an elf, dwarf, demon, human, demi-human that inhabit this world, but now the population has not so prospered because the experiment that foolish human do also result in something really worst, you will know it in the future.

Roland: Okay then, can I check my status now? Can you please show it to me system.

System: okay, this is your status. On status page you will see your new appearance and stat.

Name: [ ] [because this is your second life you need new name]

Race: Cyborg

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Level: 1

HP: 1500 [1 Vit = 10 HP]

MP: 2000 [1 Int = 10 MP]

PAtk: 200 [1 Str = 1 PAtk ]

MAtk : 100 [1 Wis = 1 Matk ]

Def & MDef : 150 [1 Vit = 1 Def & MDef]

Eva: 200 [1 Agi = 1 Eva ]

Acc: 150 [1 Dex = 1 Acc ]

Crit: 5% [10 Luck = 1% crit]

Free Stat Point: 25

( ) Equipment bonus stat

[ ] Total Stat

Soul power: 10 [basic soul power][10/100]

Exp: 0 [0/1000]

Shop point: 0

Gacha point: 0


1. Create anything without limitation anywhere & anytime from nothing [limited]

2. Customize inanimate object without limitation anywhere & anytime [limited]

3. Transform animate object, anything without limitation anywhere & anytime [limited]

4. Universal Language

Your skill is limited to small armament for example, like rifle and motorcycle you can't build houses or tank for now because your soul is not strong enough

Condition: normal

Resistance: fire, earth, wind, light, dark, space, time [small] -15% damage to oneself

Weakness: Thunder, water, chaos, Virus Element [medium] +30 % damage to oneself

Blessing: God of reincarnation, world blessing, ?????

Title: Reincarnator, World Traveler, Unlucky being, The one who seek quiet and peaceful lives

Reincarnator: 50% bonus exp, 25% bonus soul power

World traveler: 50% bonus with Space and time affinity

Unlucky being:everytime encounter something that make you feel unlucky your stat boosted 25%

The one who seeks Peace and quiet live: every time you fight, your stat rise 25%

Roland: hmm, what? I became a female cyborg, even if it's random why must you give me female cyborg appearance. My hair becomes silky long silver hair with green eyes, oval face, sharp nose, thin lips, tall & curvy body approximately 173 cm, well at least my body is like a super model and I'm not naked because I wear school uniform. So I need a new name, huh, well let me think what name is good for me, yes, I will use this as my name: Eliana Winter.

Eliana Winter: can I check the other function?

System: yes, you can and here is the explanation.

Map: contain wildlife and resource in an area up to 1km can be upgraded from the shop

Mission: contain mission from normal difficulty to extreme difficulty that randomly generated

You can get shop point, Gacha point, experience, and soul power

Shop: contain many items from cheap to expensive

From tooth brush "common item" to Relics "divine item"

Gacha: contain common, uncommon, rare, super rare, legendary, mythical, divine

1x time need use need 1 ticket or 100 points

10x time use will get 1 bonus item with rare to legendary item [10x +1]

Mythical and divine category can be obtained with special Gacha

Inventory: you can store unlimited inanimate item

Eliana Winter: if I become a female cyborg what is my female base?, is it female human, female, female devil, female demi-human or something that was combined with machinery?, system please answer me.

System: well from what I know your base is a female elf, because from female human standard firstly, they don't have a high magic capacity, secondly, you have a female elf feature in your face like you have long ear and really beautiful, your beauty can make other female race really envious even female demon don't have a really high magical capacity like you.

Eliana Winter: thank you for answering my question system. If my memory from my previous life isn't wrong, beginner players will get a beginner gift. I remember it because my grandchild play a lot of games.

System: well what can I say besides, I have it, and do you want to open it?

Eliana Winter: Please open it system, I'm curious what can I get from beginner gift

[Ding ! You get beginner gift from system you can spin gacha 10x +1 free]

[Ding ! You get 5000 Shop Point]

[Ding ! You get 1000 Gacha point]

[Ding ! You get 10 bandages, 10 water bottles, 10 rations, 10 basic camping set]

[Ding ! You get uncommon equipment [combat helmet, combat vest, combat clothes, combat skirt, combat boots, combat knife, glock 17, 10 set 9x19parabellum cartridge]]

[Ding ! You get guide of survival]

[Ding ! You get heal minor injuries active skill]

Eliana Winter: well, it's good for the starter pack, I'll use my Gacha later for now I need to know my location and find shelter in this wretched land and maybe I can find some civilization so I can get information and start building my own base, tell me the system where the nearest civilization has people who can give me information about this world.

System: its 2km east, there is a city called Eltina, that city is near the sea.

Eliana Winter: wait, can I know my location?

System: you are in the abandoned city of Rialka 2km to the west from Eltina, this city is commercial city that has been abandoned because monster stampede 5 years ago, so if you are lucky enough, you can still get a rare item from this city.

Eliana Winter: okay then let us go to Eltina.

System: be careful this city has become the nest of the monster I suggest you practice your combat ability and sharpen your sense before going to the next city, plus if you need shelter you can use this abandoned building, beside this abandoned building have been fortified by dwarf engineer and can withstand big monster, you just need to fix it and add more barricade and you get a good shelter

Eliana Winter: maybe you are right, beside I can train my skill that I got from god

System: ups, forgot to tell you host, you can speak telepathically, so you will not look weird if you speak with me in a crowded place

Eliana Winter: tell me earlier, now I'm embarrassed because of it, luckily there are no other people here.

Author : SpiralCat

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