1 Chapter 1 People are in the Pirate, in the addiction to the king!

"Thunder Eight Trigrams!!"

"Thunder quack!!"

In the dim cell, Moria, with a bloody face and unable to see her face, was half leaning against the wall. There was a trance in her eyes with only one line, and the rough screams still echoed in her ears.

After a long time, Moria recovered and felt a tingling pain on his face. He bared his teeth, glanced down at the handcuffs, felt weak, and then took a deep breath.

That's right!

He Moria crossed!

After crossing into the world of One Piece, it's just a different start from the other predecessors. He was even more mournful, and as soon as he crossed over, he took the cuter "Thunder Eight Trigrams" on his face, and…then there was no more.

Wake up and lie in the cell!

A glimpse of sight, through the heavy iron threshold, can see the white stone mountain erected in the distance, and hear the sound of mining iron.

Moria judged that he should have arrived at Wanokuni, the more adorable King Addiction Center, and maybe he was the first King Addiction lover here.

"So…who am I?" Moria raised the question that every traveler would ask. He didn't inherit the memory and didn't know who he was now.

I only know that the body is huge, at least three meters tall.

Wearing seastone handcuffs on his hands, if he guessed right, he should be a capable person and a strong person.

After all, he can catch Kaido's "Thundering Eight Trigrams" without dying. Compare Luffy and Moria with the strength of a fifth emperor.

"It's just… I'm arrested now. Should I take refuge in Kaido, or should I take refuge in Kaido first!"

Although they are all refuges, there are still some differences between the two.

The former followed Kaido. With the strength of the fifth emperor, he should be able to catch a disaster in the future.

The latter first seek refuge, survive, accumulate strength, and leave Wanokuni when the wings are hardened…

"Then what?"

Moria suddenly thought that his identity was not unexpected, he must be a pirate, or a reward.

After that, Wanokuni was out, not only was he being chased by Kaido's Beasts Pirates, but Marine also didn't let him go.

Isn't it just looking for sin? If you think about it, you don't need to leave Kaido, but stay here. After all, you can live easier. Marine is afraid of Kaido.

Afterwards, Luffy came to Wanokuni, and it was never too late to leave.

Everything with the goal of being more comfortable is going through, why are you so desperate to live safely to the finale, isn't it fragrant?

Can not only see the charm of this world, but also live happily.

Then it's such a happy decision! When someone came, she said she had decided to take refuge in Kaido, Moria thought happily.

In this way, there is no need to accept Wang Yin's transformation!

Step on!

At this moment, I walked into the cell, took out the key to open the cell door, and urged Moria inside, "I have come out to work. Today I collected less than 500 kilograms, but I have no food to eat."

"Hey! Kid." Moria didn't get up, and said to Xiao Lao: "Laozi has decided to take refuge in Kaido. Please contact him quickly and see how to arrange it."

"…" Xiao lao outside the door was dumbfounded and looked at Moria in disbelief. After seeing Moria's serious expression, she narrowed her mouth with contempt, turned back and closed the door and went out.

"What's the meaning???"

"What do you mean by those eyes? Come back and make it clear."

"Don't you look down on me? I'm a strong man who is on par with the fifth emperor in the future!" The look before Xiao Lao left Moria felt a little uncomfortable.

Ghost island!

Kaido is rarely awake, not drinking, sitting on the ground listening to the phone worm in the hands of his subordinates Moria wants to take refuge.

Kaido frowned when he heard it, "That bat kid doesn't look like someone who yields so quickly!"

"Is it pretending to seek refuge, and then find a way to escape."

"It should be…" Thinking of yesterday's fierce battle, Kaido felt that he had guessed Moria's insidious scheme, and his heart suddenly became angry. He is much more cute but just looks reckless, not stupid.

"No matter what that guy says in the future, just ignore it. Give me a good training for a few years before talking." Kaido ordered.


"Yes, Master Kaido!" The phone worm smiled knowingly, and then hung up.

Kaido looked towards Wanokuni Jiuli, where there was a man who made him jealous, and now his focus was there.

Poor Moria didn't know Kaido's decision yet, and she was still thinking about seeing what her Devil Fruit ability was after she unlocked the seastone handcuffs and went out.

After all, the characteristics of One Piece World, as Moria who has been watching this anime, is still looking forward to her Devil Fruit ability.

"It's better to be a powerful ability!" Moria was full of expectations.


Coming back so soon, it seems that Beasts Pirates is very efficient.

Xiao Lao is back.


The prison door opened, Moria looked expectant, first saw the iron whip in Xiao Lao's hand, then the dark face, and finally…


After Xiao Lao came in, Moria was drawn with a whip.


"you mother FK…"

"Didn't I take refuge in Kaido?"

"FK, you still fight!"

Under the influence of seastone, Moria was weak.

Every time the whip goes down, a bloodstain will appear on Moria's body.

That kind of physical pain surpassed his cognition and feelings, and was not something he could bear as a traverser who grew up in a harmonious society.

"I must slaughter this crap!" Ultimate's pain caused Moria's eyes to bulge and stare at Xiao Lao. The whites of her eyes were bloodshot, like a hungry ghost coming out of hell.

He swears that he has lived for twenty-five or six years and never wanted to kill someone like that.


The whipping sound continued until Moria's body curled and numb, and only stopped when she was almost in a coma.


Xiao Lao shook his slightly sour right hand, put away the iron whip, spit at Moria, turned around and closed the cell door.

Moria is still motionless!

"Gekko Moria, don't be clever anymore. A fellow like you who cares about your companions, when your companions were wiped out yesterday, today you will take refuge in Kaido-sama."

"Do you think everyone is a fool!"

"Accept the restructuring of labor and labor, and stop thinking about running away if you pretend to take refuge in it."

"When you really give in, you will naturally be allowed to join us Beasts Pirates!"

After Xiao Lao finished speaking, people have already walked outside.

The corner of Moria's mouth curled up in the corner twitched. He didn't know that he had crossed into Gekko Moria. I still care about Gekko Moria when he was a companion. Otherwise, he would not immediately turn to Kaido if his IQ was online.

But… it's all like this now, and he doesn't want to take refuge anymore.

Tilting her head, Moria looked at the figure outside the cell, and a cold light flashed in her blood-stained eyes.

"From now on I will be Gekko Moria, the great pirate Gekko Moria!" At this moment, Moria no longer had the peace of mind in her previous life.

The pain that he gradually recovered from the paralysis made Moria understand that this is a world where people will kill if they don't agree with each other. Strength is the law and the truth is justice.

He wants to live, he must live, and kill that young man.

One month later!


In the dim cell, the iron whip in Xiao Lao's hand drew towards Moria, who was curled up in the corner, until Moria was like a dead body.

"Didn't you say it! Don't think of us as fools anymore."

"In the future, don't mention the words of surrender Kaido, otherwise you will mention it once and hit it once."


After another spit of water was spit on Moria, Xiao Lao closed the cell door contentedly and left.

Moria at the corner of the wall slowly opened her eyes after Xiao Lao left, and the hatred in her blood-stained eyes was almost substantive.

This month, he didn't talk about taking refuge in Kaido, but was also whipped.

Anyway, that little guy is in a bad mood and has to whip Moria.

Fortunately, Moria's body is still there and has not been maimed. It is the pain of the skin and flesh from the whip, it is really terrifying as it hurts into the bone marrow.

In this way, Moria lives in dire straits every day.

A year later, Moria was almost immune to pain, but he still pretended to be painful and numb every time.

Every time this time, Xiao Lao will stop and Moria will also get a breath.

In the rest of the time, Moria fully used the Shadow Fruit Ability. Although he couldn't use it with Seastone, he didn't give up. In his spare time every day, he used it to communicate and use the Fruit Ability.

Among the Shadow Fruit's abilities, the ability of the body and the shadow to switch positions with each other is the key to Moria's escape from here.

All preparations and desperate efforts now are to seize the glimmer of escape opportunities that may come in the future.

And time is reserved for those who are prepared!

This morning, Moria, who had not sensed how much time had passed, felt abnormal.

In the quarry, there were a lot of guards missing. Quinn, a guard captain and several Master Haki squad captains were all gone, leaving only a dozen of them.

Moria and the other convicts of mining were not released for mining.

At the same time, Moria sensed the vibration of the ground and two powerful auras.

"Calculating the time, if the plot hasn't changed, it should be the time when Kozuki Oden will lead the Nine Heroes of the Red Sheath to fight Kaido!"

"If you want to escape, now is a good time!"

Just do it when he thinks of it, Moria's eyes flashed coldly, raised both hands to look at the handcuffs, and her heart was cruel, and she lowered her head to bite at the meat on her wrist.

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