1 Chapter 1: Became a demon king.

The people at the front were a mix of men and women. Everyone was kneeling at this moment.

Chen Luoyang was staring blankly while standing alone.

It seems like I have transmigrated.

I have transmigrated into a body that is filled with power, but wearing ancient attire.

This body seemingly contains unimaginable power. But it seems like the body has a severe injury. If I try to use strength…

It hurts. The entire body is aching.

The worse thing is that I didn't inherit the original owner's memories. I know nothing about the current situation or about his past experiences.

While looking at the masses kneeling in front of him, Chen Luoyang had an odd expression.

However, since everyone was kneeling down and didn't dare to lift their heads, no one could see his peculiar expression.

There was an elder who spoke with his head lowered, "This old servant has disturbed Your Holiness and deserves ten thousand deaths. I seek Cult Master's forgiveness."

The rest of the people repeated with fear while their heads were lowered, "We seek Cult Master's forgiveness."

Chen Luoyang had a bad headache.

There were three classic questions.

Who am I?

Where am I?

What should I do next?

Chen Luoyang looked down and secretly observed these people.

There were men, women, old, and young. All of them were dressed in ancient attire.

These people were actually armed with blades on their waists!

However, everyone was reverent and respectful. In fact, they were in reverence before him.

They are addressing me as… Cult Master?

They revere me. But if these people knew that their Cult Master had been exchanged, they might just go out of control. My body is currently suffering from severe injuries, and I am not a match for them. I have to settle them down first.

While thinking until this point, Chen Luoyang composed himself and put on an emotionless face. He then used a noble and aloof tone while asking indifferently, "Why are all of you gathered here?"

"In response to the Cult Master, you have been in seclusion while this old servant and others protected you on the outside." The elder replied in an increasingly respectful tone, "But the room suddenly released a large amount of bloody aura. This old servant and others didn't dare to disturb the Cult Master, yet we aren't feeling at ease…"

The elder then paused for a moment before speaking again, "Cult Master possesses remarkable power and is unrivaled. Your might shrouds the entire world and is something that this old servant and the others cannot dream to surmise. We are short-sighted and are gathered here as we have disturbed Your Holiness and seek for forgiveness."

Bloody aura…

Chen Luoyang was slightly dazed.

A mysterious black pot appeared in his mind. He used his mind to open the lid of the pot.

Inside the pot was blood-red and exquisite serum. He recalled that he obtained a black pot lid by chance when he was back on the Blue Star.

When he couldn���t find the pot body, he didn't really bother about it. Now that he had transmigrated into this new world in a daze, the pot lid had transmigrated over as well.

The pot lid and the pot body were now assembled and formed a complete pot. It seemed like the pot body wasn't at the Blue Star and was in this world.

It was that pot lid that brought his soul over here. The pot body might possibly have been in the possession of this body's original owner. This mysterious black pot had fused with his body and integrated into his soul.

Everything is in this state due to this black pot… Chen Luoyang pondered.

As he was busy thinking about the black pot, he didn't reply immediately.

There was utter silence at the front. Everyone that was kneeling down was feeling increasingly terrified.

Just as they had gotten so nervous that it was stifling, Chen Luoyang's voice finally echoed from above. "Seeing that all of you are loyal, you may rise."

Everyone let out a breath of relief in unison.

In other places, these were all old demons who would go on a rampage, but just from this, some of their backs were drenched with cold sweat.

Chen Luoyang had also let out a silent breath of relief.

However, he maintained his awe-inspiring atmosphere from start to end.

"Alright, you are all dismissed," Chen Luoyang said in a dull and indifferent tone.

Everyone quickly bowed again. "Understood."

The group of people backed out from the room with reverence and respect.

A middle-aged woman was the last person behind, and before she left the room, she asked carefully, "Cult Master, today's dinner…"

Is she the chief of domestic affairs, housekeeping, or maids? Chen Luoyang was guessing in his heart.

He stayed calm and said in an unhurried tone, "As before."

"Yes, Cult Master." The middle-aged lady exited the room respectfully and closed the door.

Now that Chen Luoyang was alone in the room, he let out a long breath.

He walked in front of the mirror and had a queer expression. There was a young man in the mirror, and his facial features were exactly the same as himself back on Blue Star.

However, he was in ancient attire.

It was pure black long robes that had golden lapels and cuffs. The patterns on the edges were simple yet stylish, and it made him look awe-inspiring.

Even the room he was in was also of an old style.

This might be a practical joke from someone who had changed his clothes and transported him into this room while he was unconscious, but that unusual power within his body shouldn't be that easy to imitate right?


His image in the mirror had eyes that were actually emitting black radiance.

What kind of Cult Master am I? And what kind of world is this?

He sorted out his thoughts and started to inspect the things within the room.

He noticed a letter on the table:

"This Seat1 understands everything that has happened. Everything will be carried out according to the original plan."

From the form of address, this should be an order that is about to be issued to someone by me, the Cult Master, but it has yet to be sent out.

Chen Luoyang continued to search and arrived in front of a bookshelf.


Chen Luoyang opened up and read the book.

This world was commonly known as the Grand Divine Province.

Martial dao experts were able to shift mountains, reclaim lands, fly in the sky, and travel underground.

Many years ago, the Grand Divine Province was a place where numerous nations once contended for supremacy.

Right now, there was the Great Xia Empire, and they were nominally known for their large unified empire, which was in the Central Divine Province.

Within the Great Xia Empire, there were plenty of martial dao sacred lands. Prestigious clans and aristocrats acted as they thought fit. It was as though there were nations within the nation.

However, on the surface, everyone revered the Great Xia Empire as the ruler of the world.

Outside of the Great Xia Empire, there were also the Demon Cult situated in the Southern Desolate Demon Domain and the Northern Desert Outwalls' Other Tribe.

One in the south and one in the north. Both had the ambition to invade the Central Divine Province to rule the world.

It was extremely fortunate that the Central Divine Province was overseen by the No. 1 sacred land, the Sword Pavilion. They protected the central land, and most of the time, they would act according to the Great Xia Empire's interest.

The current era's leading individuals were also collectively known as the "Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors."

Among them, there were three individuals at the top.

The Demon Cult Master.

The Sword Pavilion Lord.

The Other Tribe Chieftain.

They were also known as the Demon Sovereign, Sword Sovereign, and Saber Sovereign. They stood at the top of the world and looked down on all.

Chen Luoyang read with a solemn expression.

I am addressed as "Cult Master", does that mean…?

I am the legendary Demon Cult Master? The pinnacle existence of the Grand Divine Province… One of the Three Sovereigns, the Demon Sovereign?

The man that everyone wanted to kill, but also the man that everyone feared.

The world's No. 1 demon fiend.

Under the Demon Sovereign were his Left and Right Envoys, Four Hall Chiefs, Seven Elders, Eight Protectors, numerous experts, and tens of thousands of followers.

The public enemy of the Divine Province, the human world's nightmare.

I actually possessed such a significant figure? Isn't this too exaggerated?

Chen Luoyang didn't know whether to laugh or to cry.

He concentrated and guessed that he might be from another cult, and this might not be the Demon Cult?

Subsequently, he read a passage.

"The Demon Cult's cult-defining divine technique, Heaven Demon Blood. It is only passed down to a single person in each generation, and only the Cult Master can cultivate it. Once cultivated, the eyes would produce the Radiance of Black Mysticism. There is only a single individual under the heavens, and it is impossible to impersonate."

Chen Luoyang looked back at the mirror.

Inside the mirror, his eyes were emitting a black radiance that was very obvious.

He looked up and slapped his forehead.

In his impression, it would normally be those almighty experts who met with an accident and left behind a trace of their tenacious divine soul that didn't scatter.

Afterward, they would take over the body of a miserable youth who lived at the lowest rungs and reincarnate through possession.

They would then fight their way back and rise up back to the top again.

Why does it seem to be reversed in my case? Chen Luoyang sighed.

From the looks of it, if the members of the Demon Cult realized that their Cult Master had been swapped, they would surely go berserk.

Even if Chen Luoyang sneaked out of the Demon Cult, there were plenty of others who wanted to kill him. They were also those so-called orthodox experts who wanted to eliminate evil and uphold righteousness.

This setup was truly beset with difficulties in both inside and outside.

However, Chen Luoyang had some additional depth to him.

In his previous life on the Blue Star, he had ventured the world alone from a young age.

He experienced days when he had to suffer silently, yet maintained his firm resolutions.

He experienced days when he heaved a sigh of relief after a long period of pressure.

He experienced days when he had to take risks out of desperation.

He had experienced the joys and sorrows of life.

He had gone through ups and downs in just a few short years. His mental state had already been hammered and forged into an extremely tenacious condition.

"Before I am able to grasp full control of the situation, the show has to continue. Life is like a show, everything up to one's acting skills!" Chen Luoyang was deeply moved.

He immediately started laughing again.

If I think optimistically, I don't need to do the hard work and climb up from the bottom right?

But then again. Why would such an incredible person land in such a plight?

Chen Luoyang thought about that mysterious black pot.

The black pot doesn't have any physical body. How am I supposed to use it?

Chen Luoyang pondered while closing his eyes.

His consciousness was a patch of darkness, but it quickly lit up with radiance.

Within that dusky radiance, the mysterious black pot appeared.

I know too little about this Demon Sovereign. Can I find out more detailed information…? Chen Luoyang thought in his mind.

As soon as he had the thought, the black pot in front of his eyes had suddenly opened.

The blood-red serum in the pot had instantly reduced significantly.

There was a rise of a blood-colored mist from the mouth of the pot. The mist then formed a large article of blood-red words that were presented in Chen Luoyang's mind:

[Chen Luoyang, 20 years old.]

When Chen Luoyang read the first sentence, he couldn't stay calm anymore.

Not only do we look the same, the original owner of this body also has the same name?

This is rather interesting.

He continued reading.

The blood mist formed this article of words that gave a detailed introduction of this Demon Cult Master's life.

It included a martial arts summary and a life resume that was rather detailed.

The more eye-catching details were like when he was 16 years old, he became the Grand Divine Province's youngest martial sovereign in history. He then took control of the Demon Cult Master's position and became the ruler of the Southern Desolate Demon Domain.

At the age of 18, he single-handedly broke through two major martial dao sacred lands — the Great Vajra Temple and the Misty Cloud Palace. Since then, the Great Vajra Temple and Misty Cloud Palace had turned into history. Chen Luoyang established his position as one of the Three Sovereigns and stood side by side with the Sword Sovereign and Saber Sovereign who had already been famous for many years.

When he was 20 years old, which was three days ago, the Demon Cult Master, Chen Luoyang had a duel of the pinnacles with the Sword Pavilion Lord. It ultimately ended in a draw.

In this battle, both parties suffered.

The Sword Pavilion Lord sustained injury, and the Demon Cult Master was also seriously wounded.

Subsequently, the Cult Master borrowed one of the three major cult-defining artifacts, the black pot, to heal his injuries, but it resulted in failure.

"As expected, the black pot's body is originally from this world, and it is one of the Demon Cult's three major cult-defining artifacts." Chen Luoyang muttered to himself.

Chen Luoyang found it strange at first. If the Demon Sovereign and the Sword Sovereign fought, why weren't they afraid that the Saber Sovereign might reap the rewards?

It turned out that this black pot was supposed to be a backup.

It was a pity that something wrong went wrong with the plan. Let alone the fact that the injuries weren't recovered, there was a huge accident.

Which is the same as leaving behind troubles for me… Chen Luoyang laughed bitterly.

He looked at the information carefully.

All of the crucial points of the Demon Sovereign's life from birth to now were basically present. By using this life resume, one could summarize plenty of things.

However, there were also parts that were lacking.

This list of events might be very detailed, but it didn't reveal the interpersonal connections and interpersonal affections.

It was impossible for Chen Luoyang to know what kind of conversations the original owner had within his 20 years of life.

Did he have any intimate way of addressing another person in private?

There was something that was most important, and if that letter had been sent, he wouldn't even know that the Cult Master would address himself as "This Seat" instead of "I".

Such a matter might seem trivial, but if it wasn't done correctly, the consequences would be detrimental.

Let's take one step at a time… Chen Luoyang thought.

From the looks of it, the outside world isn't sure if I was severely injured. If I can hide this matter, I have to do it. My current status is the Divine Province's public enemy. An evildoer that everyone wanted to eliminate.

Even if I use my knees to think, I can assume there are plenty of people who wish to take advantage when I am injured. There is also the matter of recuperation…

Just as he was pondering, a jade pendant suddenly echoed with a melodious and long sound.

Chen Luoyang had a dumbfounded expression.

What kind of trickery is this?

He held up the jade pendant and observed it carefully. After sounding out once, it didn't make any more sound.

Chen Luoyang tested it by gently flicking the jade pendant. The jade pendant then sounded with a long sound again.

Why did this thing suddenly sound by itself earlier? I didn't touch it.

Just as Chen Luoyang was feeling curious, he suddenly heard someone opening his room door.

He immediately put on a serious expression.

When the doors were opened, that middle-aged woman who looked like the chief of domestic affairs had appeared.

"Reporting to Cult Master. The dinner has been prepared according to your instructions. This servant and the others shall help you to bathe and change." The middle-aged woman bowed respectfully like before and had spoken gently with her head lowered.

Taking a bath before eating, what kind of habit is this…? Chen Luoyang was grumbling in his heart.

He finally understood at this moment. That jade pendant was a communication tool for him to conveniently contact his subordinates.

That first sound was the signal from the chief attendant saying that the dinner and bathroom had been prepared, and she was asking for instructions.

Chen Luoyang didn't understand and had simply responded; therefore, she was summoned over.

Chen Luoyang put his hands behind his back while responding with "mm" in an imposing and indifferent tone.

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The chief attendant had the face of a full moon. She was warm and affable, and no matter who she was together with, she would emit a very comfortable sensation.

"Come in," she smiled and said with a delicate tone before gently clapping her hands.

Twelve maids entered the door quickly in a single file.

They might be maids, but all of them were remarkably beautiful.

Twelve of them came over leisurely.

They were all ready to serve the Cult Master to bathe and change.

Chen Luoyang stood still and calmly without any expression, but his heart was yelling loudly: Corrupted, corrupted!

Being corrupted isn't the problem. But who can tell me if this Cult Master is a dedicated cultivator or a skirt-chaser?!

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