1 I’ve always been searching for you [ORIGINAL?]

December 29, 2015 A girl named "Eunbi" will be going to be moving to a different city which is far away from the boy named "Ian".

Ian: Please, don't leave me! I know this is just a dream, wake me up!!

Eunbi: Ian, this is not a dream. I know it's sad because I had to leave. I promise you I will try to chat you always.

Ian: Eunbi... Don't forget me..

Ian gave Eunbi a bracelet so she won't forget Ian and, Eunbi gave Ian a teddy bear so he won't forget Eunbi. The 2 best friends hugged each other and said goodbye.


-The next day (December 30, 2015 7:00AM)-

Ian's mom (Kit): Ian! Breakfast's ready!

Ian: Coming, mom... *sigh*

Ian's dad (Xeon): Ian.

Ian: Yes, dad?

Ian's dad (Xeon): Why are you sad? Are you okay?

Ian: A fr-

Ian's mom (Kit): His friend Eunbi moved houses.

Ian's dad (Xeon): Eunbi? Who is her mom?

Ian's mom (Kit): Kang Lee.

Ian's dad (Xeon): Ah, okay. But, Ian.. That's fine. I'm sure Eunbi and you will meet someday.

Ian: Yes, dad..

-After eating breakfast (7:20AM)-

Ian came back to his room, and checked if Eunbi's online. "YES!" Ian shouted.


Ian called Eunbi and she answered.

Eunbi: Ian..?

Ian: Eunbi! I miss you so much!

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Eunbi: Me too!

Ian and Eunbi played online games (Like Minecraft, Roblox, Osu, shooting games, and other more)

-Months later.. (June 23, 2016)-

Ian: She's not online? Strange. She should be online at this time..

To be continued..

Created by: ugIy_

Date: April 13, 2019 (Sunday)

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