1 Chapter 1

One normal sunny day, in a small cavern a little purple egg hatched. And out came a small shiny black dragon.

(Where am I?)


(Something feels wrong?)

(Wait, what does that mean?)


(Stop. Don't think about it)

(Don't think?)

As the dragon looks around in confusion a small green lizard crawls by. The moment the dragon spotted the lizard the only through that came to their mind was.


The dragon's tummy growls as it grabs for the lizard only managing to catch the lizard thanks to their instincts. They then promptly stuffs the lizard into their mouth. Chewing thoroughly, the baby dragon appreciates the lizards taste.

(Surprisingly good?)

(Why am I surprised?)


(What does surprised even mean?)

(No, it's definition is to discover something unexpected)

(What does unexp-)




(Where am I?)

The dragon once again looks around the cave in curiosity.

(So pretty!, light?)

(Follow light?)

The dragon clumsily attempts to stand up off its belly, where it had landed after grabbing its first meal, and go towards the light streaming through the vibrant green vines hanging down the small caves opening. As expected the dragon tips forward and falls flat on their face as this was their first attempt at crawling.

(Owwww, that hurt) T-T

After laying there for another 5-6 minutes the baby dragon finally gets themselves up off the ground and instinctually moves their right front leg forward and then their back left leg followed by their front left leg and finally their back right leg. Repeating these steps the dragon eventually makes it to the caves opening.