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Tom thought for a minute and decided not to rush into things. He could leave the ring for now and take it when the time was right.

At first, Tom thought of separating the stone from the ring and leaving the ring behind, but he doesn't want to risk it. It may be from a backward inbred family, but it's still a Lord ring for a Noble wizarding family.

'It's not like anyone knows about the stone. I'll go to Gringotts after hearing about the horrible death of my uncle and take up my heirship of the Gaunt family. While I'm there I'll make sure they have the lord ring.' Tom thought as he gave the resurrection stone one last longing look.

Around him, Tom could see his followers have finished collecting the bolts from in and around Morfin's body.

"Alright, everyone head home and get rid of the bolts along with any evidence of this night. That includes your clothes and shoes. Burn them or vanish them. I don't care as long as they're disposed of properly." Tom Says and he could hear some of the graduates protesting about their clothes. Especially the shoes. Mainly from the women but a few men looked upset as well. "Just do as I say, okay. I want nothing to remain of this night. Now get a move on and leave."

As everyone is leaving, Tom stays behind to make sure everyone makes it out without a problem. With everyone gone, Tom could hear a group of muggles making their way towards him.

"Mimsy." He whispers as he casts a notice me not on himself.


"Yes, Master!" She appears with a pop and answers Tom's call in a high pitches chipper attitude.

Normally, nobody would be able to see him, but Mimsy is linked to Tom as all of his elves are. He could never hide from any of them as they could sense him easily. Even under a Fidelius Charm, they could find him without a problem.

"Keep it down and hide yourself. We're going to be watching what these muggles do." Tom said as he wanted to make sure they wouldn't steal the ring. 'It would probably just return to Gringotts on its own, but it's best to be careful anyway.'

Mimsy listens to Tom's orders and disappears from sight.

After a few moments, muggle police officers along with some people from the village came walking into view.

"You said the lights were coming from this direction, Lord Riddle?" A policeman asks a tall and handsome man with black hair and dark eyes.

He has a sneer on his well-angled face as he looked at the area leading up to the Gaunt Shack. His expression worsens as memories of an ugly witch appear in his mind.

'Oh, is that my father?' Tom thought as he looks at the scene before him.

"Yeah, it's probably the Gaunts again. Thank god only one of them remains. Hopefully, the last will get himself killed and we won't have to worry about the trash polluting the village any further." Tom Sr. says in a snobbish attitude. 'Well, there is my son as well, but hopefully, he's dead by now. I can't believe that woman would name her hellspawn after me. What an insult.'

As Tom's father is thinking this, Tom was using Legilimency on him. He heard everything his father thought.

'What a d*ck.' Tom though but he doesn't really care about his father.

The old Tom Riddle part of his soul is angry and wants his father dead, while the Gregory part sees it as something not worth bothering with. In this instance, Tom decided to just let his father go.

'If he knew about me all this time, then he had his chance to be a part of my life. Also, based on his thoughts, the man is a spoiled, snobbish, prick.' Tom has no time for these types of people.

"Yeah, you don't want to know how many times I've been called for these nut jobs." Another policeman laughs and suddenly trips on something.

Looking to see what he tripped on, the officer is met with the mangled body of Morfin Gaunt. Holes filled his body as blood still leaked from them even now.

"Aaahhh!" The officer screams and scrambles backward.

"Why are you screaming?" Tom Sr. asks as he looks over to see a bloody officer along with the dead body of Morfin.

The second Tom Sr. saw the body he turned and vacated his stomach onto the forest floor.

"Well, now we know what the commotion was about." A more veteran policeman says as he walks over to observe the body.

When Tom Sr. finished vomiting and got himself under control, a truly happy smile spread over his face. The last of the pesky Gaunts was dead. No more crazy backwoods inbreds resided in his village.

While the police were doing their work, Tom was about to leave but then something troubling happened.

"Hey, is that a ring on his finger? Where did the Gaunts get such a fine piece of jewelry from?" Tom Sr. says as he eyes the ring for a moment.

"No idea, is it real?" A policeman answers.

"Yeah, it looks real." Tom Sr, observes for a moment and nods his head. "Definitely real."

"Hmm, stolen then, I assume." The veteran officer says from a few meters away.

"Would you mind if my family holds onto it until the owner is found? If none is found after a few months, I'll keep it and make a nice donation to your department." Tom Sr. offers and no one seemed to mind. He is the Lord of a prestigious family, so he has some leeway with the police. 'Merope said that ring was passed down in their family for generations. No owner will be found and I'll just keep it. After what that witch put me through, giving a ring is the least that family could do to compensate me.'

Every officer agreed and gave him the ring. Toms face contorted for a moment as this happened, but then he thought about it.

'If the ring doesn't magically return to Gringotts, I'll just come back to Little Hangleton and take the ring back.' Tom thought that this may be a fairly good outcome. He knows where the Riddles live and stealing from muggles would be like taking candy from a baby.

Seeing his father brought a thought to his mind though. The Riddle family is related to Le Fay and Pendragon. Should he do something about them? What if another Riddle child is born with magic? That's unlikely to happen but could still cause some problems later on.

'I'll think this over before doing anything.' Tom thought as he looked over at Mimsy and whispered. "Let's leave before any Aurors show up."

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