236 C236 Showdown


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As Thor and Tom stood across from one another, Odin acted as the referee and started going over the rules once again.

While this was going on, the Ancient One looked over at Queen Frigga and could already tell that she switched herself out with an illusion.

'Where did she go?' She thought.

Tom didn't notice as he and Thor were currently being lectured about the rules of their spar.

After a good five minutes of Odin's nonstop talking, it was finally time for the match to begin.

"Please go easy on my son..." Odin said to Tom just loud enough for Thor to barely hear.

A confused look graces Thor's face as he wonders why his father would say that. Yeah, he was sent flying with one kick earlier, but a single move doesn't determine the stronger of the two.

Pushing these thoughts to the back of his mind, for now, Thor's blood boiled as he stared down his opponent.

Without saying a word, Tom gave Odin a reassuring nod. He didn't want to kill or do any permanent damage to Thor. Just give him a small beating and, hopefully, teach the prince a bit of humility.

"Alright, you know the rules. The match will begin on three." Odin says as he backs up to give the two some room to work with. "1... 2... 3!"

The second his father said three, Thor swung his hammer in circles by the leather string at the end of the handle and used its momentum to launch himself forward at his opponent.

Tom, who knew he was stronger than Thor, didn't draw either of his two overpowered swords and decided to stay barehanded.

As Thor came hurling at him with his hammer in hand, Tom simply stepped to the side and dodged the oncoming attack.

Following the hammer's momentum, Thor crashed into the walls of the palace, destroying it with ease.

"He's a messy fighter, huh?" Tom comments and receives an annoyed grunt from the king.

Thor likes to fight so much that he has at least two battles a day. Those battles almost always end with parts of the palace or city that need to be repaired.

If they didn't have magic to clean up after Thor, Odin would be hemorrhaging money for all the repair costs.

Out of the smoke and rubble of the palace wall, Thor's hammer Mjollnir launched out in Toms direction like an oversized bullet.

Not wanting to test his luck, Tom sidestepped the hammer. As the hammer passed him, Thor came dashing out of the rubble with his hand held out.

A smile graced Thor's lips that screamed 'I got you'.

Sensing something off, Tom tilts his head to the side and Mjollnir comes shooting past his ear and back to Thor like a yoyo but without a string.

"Hmm, It seems the usual moves won't work against you..." Thor mutters as he catches his trusted hammer and rushed in for some close combat.

Stepping into range, Thor swung his hammer, aiming at Tom's ribs.

Since Tom is far faster than Thor, he turns his body slightly to avoid the hit and backhands Thor across his unguarded face.

The slap hit and Thor was sent flying into the palace walls, breaking them once again.

Across the palace, Loki found another hiding place to watch the fight and couldn't help but smile in glee as he saw his brother slapped like that.

Seconds after being sent through the wall, Thor came barreling out with a confused look on his face.

Never had he been so easily handled like this in a fight. He's always had the upper hand unless it's against his father.

Even his brother Loki with all of his tricks couldn't stand a chance against him.

"What's the matter? Did you think that kick earlier was just a lucky hit?" Tom asked the bewildered prince.

"..." Thor didn't speak as he grasped his hammer tightly.

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Lightning began to crackle along his hammer as the sky above became covered in dark clouds.

Soon, lightning and thunder rumbled up above as Thor lifted his hammer to the sky.

Suddenly, a large group of lightning converged from the cloud and shot down in Thor's direction, striking his hammer like a lightning rod.

As the lightning entered the hammer, Thor was covered in strands of blue lightning that coursed around his body erratically.

With his newfound boost in power thanks to the lightning, Thor looked at Tom with a winning smile.

"Just some advice for you. You should really find a way to speed that up a bit. If I was your real enemy, I would have simply attacked you as the clouds began to change. Never let your enemy get a power-up if you can stop it." Tom says like a teacher to his student.

"Then why didn't you?" Thor asks with lightning dancing along his body.

"Because no matter the power-up, your still far weaker than me." Tom says as he disappears in a burst of speed.

"Huh?!" Thor grunted in surprise as Tom appears behind him and spartan kicks him across the training field.

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