231 C231 At Asgard!


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With everything Tom needed packed away, Tom and the Ancient One were ready to open a portal to Asgard.

Since they're most likely going to be meeting royalty, Tom wore a spiffy-looking slim-fit black suit.

Although he wanted to dress nicely, Tom still wore Excalibur on his hip, ready to fight if the need arises.

His mother wanted him to dress in a robe befitting the successor to Kamar-Taj, but he instantly turned her down.

Tom has spent the better part of his life wearing robes, whether it be in Hogwarts or Kamar-Taj, and he refuses to ever wear one again.

Unless he absolutely has to of course.

The Ancient One was always dressed in perfect formal-looking robes, so she didn't need to worry about her outfit.

With a wave of her hand, The Ancient One opens a portal and the two of them walk through it side by side.


Inside the Bifrost at the end of the rainbow bridge leading to Asgard, Heimdall stood rooted to the ground in his golden armor and sword in hand, dutifully guarding the gates of Asgard.

His all-seeing eyes shine in a golden light as they watch for any possible attacks on Asgard's borders.

Suddenly, without his knowledge or approval, a golden circular portal opens a few meters away.

'What? How didn't I see this?' Heimdall thought as he draws his sword and stands at the ready.

As he's doing this, Heimdall has already mentally sounded the alarms, notifying key people in Asgard of the breach.

Soon, two people step out of the portal.

The older of the two was a bald woman dressed in fine robes. She didn't look surprised by her surroundings and surveyed the area with a calm and serene expression.

In contrast to this woman, the young man beside her dressed in what Heimdall knew is a Midgardian suit. He looked excited and in awe of his surroundings.

His behavior looked like the typical tourist seeing the sights.

Though just from a brief look, Heimdall could tell that these people were powerful.

The woman seemed to be more experienced, but the man radiated power at a level that he's only ever felt from one person. His king, Odin.

"Oh, are you Heimdall?" Tom completely ignored the gatekeeper's battle stance as he walks over, admiring Heimdall's armor and sword.

"Tom, stop gawking." His mother reprimands him with a shake of her head.

"Fine..." Tom mutters as he walks past Heimdall and gawks at the beautiful rainbow bridge leading to the grand futuristic city instead. "Wow..."

Suddenly, not even a second after Tom passed him, Heimdall dashed in front of Tom and held his sword up.

"Halt, what are your intentions here?" He says, guarding Tom against taking any more steps towards Asgard.

"Oh, sorry about that. I was a bit too excited about being here." Tom says apologetically.

Shaking her head at Tom's behavior, the Ancient One walks by his side and places a hand on his shoulder.

"Forgive him. He's been looking forward to coming here." She says on Tom's behalf, unaffected by Heimdall's guarded stance.

"Why are you here?" Heimdall asks as a small army starts making its way across the rainbow bridge.

"We would like an audience with your king and Queen." The Ancient One reveals.

"Yeah, we just want to talk. As long as you don't attack us, we won't cause any trouble." Tom explains further.

Soon, the small army rushing there was getting closer and Tom could see the man leading them.

A big muscly frame with golden locks of hair, blue eyes, and a hammer in hand. He was dressed in armor with a red cape fluttering behind him.

"Is that Thor?!" Tom asked with an excited expression.

Truthfully, Thor was one of his favorite characters from the movies, so seeing him in the flesh is astounding.

Tony Stark is number one though.

Not needing to peak over his shoulder thanks to his all-seeing eyes, Heimdall breaths a relieved sigh and nods his head.

"Yes, it is." He confirms Tom's guess.

"Cool, do you think he would let me hold his hammer?" Tom asked, wondering if he could.

Technically, Odin shouldn't have put the enchantment that lets others that are worthy wield the hammer yet.

It's very possible that Tom would be able to at least lift it, but he probably won't get the powers of Thor, as that was added in Odin's later enchantment.

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Ignoring Tom's question, Heimdall waits for his backup to arrive.

As they got closer, Tom could also make out the figures of the warriors three, Thors friends and comrades trailing behind their prince.

As the group arrived, the hot-headed Thor doesn't even try to assess the situation and lunges at the Ancient One with hammer in hand.

Seeing his mother being attacked, Tom acts quickly and intercepts Thor mid-air, planting his foot in the Crown Princes midsection. Cracking his fancy armor and sending the god of thunder flying into his own men, who brace his landing with their own bodies.

"Try and touch my mother again and the next hit will be a lot more powerful." Tom warns with a dangerous look towards the small army before them.

"Haha! Good hit!" Thor exclaims as he removes his broken piece of armor and stands with the help of some soldiers.

As Thor was getting ready to start a fight with Tom, the Ancient One stepped in as the arbiter of peace.

"Why don't we all calm down?" She says as she stands between Tom and Thor. "We didn't come here to fight, but if you want to, we can schedule a spar between you and my son after our business is taken care of."

"What business do you have?" A voice booms from behind the army.

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